What time is it? Watches and horology

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  • Joining the tagathon....the beater

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  • the beaten

  • That's priceless! In a good way. The bezel has huge value in my estimation. It's full of your life story.

  • great watch but f me that's expensive. The value of a famous person's watch is an interesting one. At a point in probably our lifetime, people won't give a shit about Michael Cane. Long term, I'd be surprised if this holds its value.

    Did the buyer buy it because he's a big Cane fan? Or just minted? Or both!?

  • Did the buyer buy it because he's a big Cane fan? Or just minted? Or both!?

    Not a Caine fan at all.

    Loaded. Big watch collector. He owned one of the Newman Daytonas at one point. Not sure if he's still got it. As far as I can tell he enjoys owning rare things and the celebrity ownership thing turns a nice item into a unique item. I've been talking watch stuff with him for about 8 years now. He's the chap I used to go to auctions for in 2013/14...I mentioned him on here a few times back then.

  • Yeah, good friend is our Vladimir.

  • This is the nearest I came to owning a Heuer. It was my first vaguely posh watch. I bought it new on the internet in 1990, when internet shopping wasn't a thing yet. (Amazon wasn't founded til '94.) It was a midnight drunken purchase. I wouldn't have done it sober. It turned out to be a frustrating watch to wear, and I sold it to Mr. Watch Guru as a trade-in for an IWC Doppelchrono. My first properly posh watch.

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  • Forgot I registered my interest in a Luminor esteel a while back - got a call saying they had one in for me next week. Not sure I can get past the windows Explorer logo but will try it on and see. It’s a cool concept

  • Found this guy earlier on YouTube he makes strangely relaxing short watch display videos. Loads of them

  • It's a pretty standard Luminor but the steel used for the case and dial is partially recycled. The strap is also recycled PET I think.

  • Interesting quirk about the Michael Caine Rolex purchase.

    Buyer has had the auction house ship it directly to his Channel Island home because that way you don't pay VAT.

    He saw it and tried it on for the first time yesterday (sent some photos to @Manson7am ).

    Buyer won't have it with him when we meet up in a couple of weeks but has promised to wear it next time we meet up.

    Next time I'm in the Channel Islands, I am going to ask if he'll give me a tour of his vault. Have a feeling my jaw would be on the floor.

  • Hello

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  • What @Regal said

    Think I still probably go for the 01313 but wanted to try it bc

  • Morning.

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  • Still with the Speedbird GMT. I think the GMT hand may be slightly out of alignment

  • Export Vostok, maybe 70s, picked up by or given to my dad on one of his many trips to Eastern Europe, the exact story will never be known. 36mm and actually keeps not bad time.

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  • Vintage Timex today

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  • Gloomy Edinburgh today….

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  • ^Must get one of those.

  • Ti Helson today.

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  • Sinn needs a clean

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  • ^ Give it a rub man!

    BBB for me today, been a while

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  • Solar pepsi for me today

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What time is it? Watches and horology

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