What time is it? Watches and horology

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  • Been wearing this on blue suede this week (an Anordain strap that came with the enamel one).

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  • The dials just so nice, I signed up to get update from them.

  • Fuck it... Here's to having a pint with you guys soon

    Cheers all!

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  • Surprisingly decent finish on that. Looks sharp!

    I wonder how quality of finish on Edifice from XX years ago shapes up to Edifice today?

  • Me too!

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  • Welcome, new members of the G-shock fam. Both great watches.

  • Cheers to you too. I’m on a Lucky Saint this evening.

  • Had a watch moment at work today bloke signing in I noticed his watch
    ' excuse me sir is that an omega speedmaster ? '
    ' yes '
    Hope everyone is doing well
    Peace and love

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  • A proper Casio today

    Needs a clean.

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  • @ejay2.0 good decision on the 200

  • Thanks!

    Can’t help you there I’m afraid, haven’t been on my radar for ages.

  • Very late post for today, working from home, with the dog, on a very cold and muddy Heath...

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  • Railmaster for me :)

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  • That’s really very nice

  • @ejay2.0 so crisp, look stunning..

    Also, could you post (or PM) a picture of that speed you were talking about yesterday ?

    A speedy is growing on me, this, and the return of a BB58 blue..

  • Thanks , it's like new ( but then I did throw too much money at it) and the smaller size is really growing on me. OK it's "only a quartz" but I prefer the Professional on the dial to the Automatic on the dial.
    When I get a chance I will pop up some pictures of the '98 speedy . Hopefully tomorrow.

  • Still looking awesome in the bronze my friend .

  • No significant tarnishing... Stunning watch. Thank you again.

  • Really liking these. After @psee posted his (I think) how robust are the aging quartz movements? And what are dimensions, have read conflicting specs from 36mm to 38.5 for the case?

  • Late to the party, busy day yesterday. Have a great weekend everyone 👋

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  • Back on this one. Every time I go back to wearing it I like it more. Just handles everything. Think it's 4 years I've had it now. Lume is still super strong.

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  • Van life (with obligatory Captain Haddock jumper)

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  • STS had no issue servicing movement and giving it a 2 year warranty.
    I don't think they are known to be problematic .
    I have a client with a really battered one and all we do is put batteries in it (he won't get it serviced) and it doesn't ever want to stop.
    size wise mines 38mm including crown , but it doesn't feel too small even after wearing my other watches at 42mm

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What time is it? Watches and horology

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