What time is it? Watches and horology

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  • Keep meaning to buy another. It would be my third, forth if you include a reduced, I really should give up selling them.

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  • I wear my Speedmaster most often of the watches that I have. It’s a very appealing watch.

  • The Cartier drive has been on my mind since its launch. If i do sell the speedmaster i'm going straight for it. If not then i'm saving (and hopefully) it will be my next watch

  • It’s a very different watch .
    Am currently reading a history of Cartier written by the granddaughter of the family in a bid to get back into the feel of the fine jewellery market as I leave the very watch biased jewellers I currently work for .
    Been there 22 years but I’m opening a new store in Oxford for another independent in early spring .
    Still be doing vintage and preowned mind you .

  • Whats the book? I'll get it to get in the mood :)

    Edit. This one?

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  • Wild Friday night for me

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  • That’s it . It’s really fascinating.
    I started out in the trade working for a small independent in South Wales selling diamonds and fine jewellery and sort of fell into watches , which will always be a passion . But I am beginning to resent the way the major brands treat their retail partners . Vintage and preowned has been my passion for a good couple of years . Not that I’m averse to the soap opera of new mind you ...

  • Have a great weekend. I’ve put on this charming, little piece. Anyone’s got an interesting 19mm strap? It’s quite difficult to find a decent one in that lug width. Let me know 👍

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  • Watch Gecko make a few 19mm straps. I’ve got one of their suede handmade straps in brown and it’s lovely. Rios1931 also make quite a few in that size and sell through eBay.

  • BEAST - ALSO, way to big for your wrist, soooo... I'll sen you my address

  • New subs actually sexier

  • Am I late seeing that Tissot is doing a 35mm PRX? Doubt I’ll buy one but still, nice to see things getting a little smaller

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  • Didn't think I could get a Friday shot in but hey! Date night!

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  • Should be day date night 😂😂

  • apropos of nothing

  • Just a reminder… 1861 hasn’t been to the moon either. 3861 is just as much a moon watch. Ie it isn’t.

  • So was the Batman real?

  • But it has at least been to space .

  • True. And 3861 has too on Bezos wrist, not much of a selling point I grant you

  • Not really space was tho was it whatever the classification is.
    Granted it was really really high.

  • People have been begging for a 35-37mm. Kudos for Tissot listening.
    Would've gotten one if they made one with that black textured dial.

    Faithful pre bond today.

    Edit: Misaligned bezel and wrong date

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  • hope they release automatic + textured dial versions

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What time is it? Watches and horology

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