What time is it? Watches and horology

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  • Have you got one of these? They look a bit shiny on the pictures which I'm not keen on.

    @ejay2.0 I do have the original strap but it's pretty knackered now so looking for something similar (but cheaper). It's on the Tudor NATO at the moment. Some of the second hand values for the watch seem a bit ludicrous, I'm not convinced that that's what they're selling for.

  • Why not brown Regal?

  • nwd.

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  • Get the omega serviced and a new plexi but keep the character. The others it depends if you will wear them. I'd be inclined to get the wristwatches working and stick the pocket watch on a shelf or desk display stand

  • Hello, still this.

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  • BTW... My mother isnt dead, that's just a bunch of flowers on her table...

  • Helson plus Bosco.

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  • Dibs on the Bosco…

    *Only if Bosco is the doggo

  • Have you got one of these? They look a bit shiny on the pictures which I'm not keen on.

    Not one of those specifically, but I thought it would suit the watch. I have a few straps from Two Stitch and they’re lovely, very well made.

  • This SARX045 arrived today. The dial finish is quite interesting but can’t be seen under this low light. Trying to show the interesting case angles a bit.

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  • Looks clean

  • What size is this?

  • I’m spoiled by big crown, the tiny crown is awful to try and set up, but look and feel great when being worn.

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  • It’s a 34mm. Here’s a picture on my 19cm (7.5in) wrist.

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  • You get an anOrdain Ed? You got meat mitten fingers like mine?! 😂

    Plz don't wear it in the shop

  • I'd love an anOrdan if they only did it in a normal size

  • It's a Paulin Neo C, just a dress watch for the occasional night out (like dinner tonight).

    edit: photos look pretty bad for a modern phone.

  • Not yet their not , but give it time .

  • They’re doing a 41mm Model 1 soon. You need to get on their waiting list though.

  • I upgraded to an iPhone 13 Pro and the pictures were worse than my SE so I sent it back. It couldn’t achieve proper focus (except in macro mode) and the software drenched everything in multiple layers of smoothing/sharpening to the point that everything looked underwater. It was appalling. Even in RAW mode it looked worse than the SE.

    I did a watch shot test to compare, check it out:

  • It’s fustrasting that I can’t automatically selected an alternative photo apps to take photo instead of Apple own heavily rendered apps.

  • I love an expanding metal strap. My grandfather had one when I was growing up. They go well with 70’s watches imo.

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  • Cool watch. I’ve been wearing the SRPE with jubilee bracelet today and it mostly makes me want a Datejust. :/

  • Matte black full metal GMW-B5000 with inverted LCD coming soon…

  • Ooooooo what's the price? And the date? I'm keen but I'm skint at the moment... Things are a little tight.

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What time is it? Watches and horology

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