What time is it? Watches and horology

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  • (shame about the low water resistance)

    Like, are you serious? 200m is way more than enough for the majority of divers, only saturation divers may need more.

  • Fairly new to ‘collecting’ watches but been offered this for buttons… E.Gubelin 33mm with borgel case and all original - am tempted…

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  • The MN is 30 or 50m, I think. Probably 30m knowing Longines 😂

  • Oh I thought he’s talking about the latest MN Pelagos,

  • If you like it, buy it. Don't get into watches for making money.

    I like it.

  • Stolen from Huddersfield.

    Amazing collection though.

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  • If you like it, buy it. Don't get into watches for making money

    This. Buy stuff you like.

    Watches are personal. It's not worth thinking of them as investments

    See post above if you want to spaff money. 😉

  • The Submariners on brown leather make me cry a bit

  • Na. Love the blue / brown combo.

    Date as well. 👌

  • That blue tudor on the end French chef kiss

  • I know some of you guys are into bronze watches. My mate is selling this LE Hanhart for £1600 posted RMSD, which is by far the cheapest around. Hand wound goodness worn by Steve McQueen and all that ;-) let me know if it tickles your fancy. Some nice patina on it, but can be easily brought back to its full non patinated glory.

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  • Oh I love that and the bronze is perfect, I think @ChainBreaker will grab it.

  • Channeling my inner ejay, that Omega Marine Chronometer is glorious.

  • Ha!

    Sadly I'm not in the market for a new watch. Go for it Ed!

  • Condition dependent, I'd probably take the Explorer II from that lot.

  • I tried on a BB58 and was amazed at how well it fitted/looked on my fairly small wrists

    Now I'm tempted

  • Kinda look like 31trum straps?

  • It’s much smaller than it look, and the thickness is way under 12mm.

    Made me realise just how big and heavy the SKX007 is.

  • Did you find 20% off for the marine nationale?

    Goldsmiths exclude Longines from the discount :(

  • Oh damn… just PMd you, let’s not spam the thread 👍

  • What? No! Spam us with good watches!

  • In the interests of not spamming the thread, I just got my Seagull '63 38mm with sapphire glass. I couldn't find an acrylic one, but this looks really lovely and feels amazing for the money. The chronograph function feels a little clunky and the crown is pretty flimsy.

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  • I thought I’d have a nice one for tomorrow… went to pick up an IWC Mark XVIII, but the movement didn’t feel right to me, so I didn’t take it. Shame as the watch looked pretty sweet. Although, I guess it looks much better in the photos than irl…

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  • That does look lush. What was wrong with the movement?

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What time is it? Watches and horology

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