What time is it? Watches and horology

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  • Haha yes it reminded me of swimming pool tiles, still like it tho

  • Bracelet is a «service» 78500 with the tudor shield logo on the clasp

    @Ordinata I was after a blue no date, not that common in fact..

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  • I have these 2 straps to move on, the B&J single pass has been used for maybe 2h, so basically new and the Hirsch has been used for a bit (not by me mind), but it’s in great condition.
    I’d like £20 posted for the single pass (that’s 20mm) and £40 for the Hirsch (21mm). Or both for £55.

    Please let me know if anyone’s keen before I flog them on eBay 👍

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  • I know it's a rehash on an old topic (don't watch if you're triggered by rolex supply issues) but this dude thinks that the over price of certain lines is balanced by the other less popular ones. By this logic its worth jsut buying the grey rolexs. (excuse his understanding on the ownership issue... Just thoughts on his ideas). I don't know what AD thresholds are...


  • @Dammit quick q, just out of curiosity, you had a sub, did you end up getting a roley GMT as well? (I know you moved the sub on, but also know you were keen on a Pepsi, you get it in the end?)

    (ps sorry if this has been asked before, just curious on your comparison)

  • I kept the sub, have not got a GMT- prioritising garages and camper van over watches currently. One Rolex GMT=one garage in SE23.

    And for Friday:

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  • Do you always dress like captain haddock for this watch?

  • Fun little Timex auto today, on Ferika

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  • Captain Haddock’s more of an Explorer II kind of guy.

    Happy Friday all.

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  • Or without the ejay filter

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  • Had to set the stopwatch off last night to ensure a random spread of hands on the dials!

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  • I think that suit the black strap really well.

  • Ta, still waiting for the straps I ordered for it but this one does seem to suit it. Feels quite vintage.

  • I’m full captain Birdseye today, what with all this SLA chat.

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  • @Regal black definitely makes it more sombre, in a good way. It is a bit smart for you though if you ever want to move it along… 👀

  • Harsh but actual lol!

  • Preferred the first one ........

  • looks a lot more formal on that, wonder if suede (black or grey) might be more everyday casual?

  • Blistering barnacles, it’s Friday!
    Always had Cap Haddock down as a pocket-watch kind of guy.

    Just catching up with everything - that GS is a beaut @Regal

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  • I always felt he’s a Seiko guys, however I think a Yema would be much more fitting.

  • Still

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  • Bit of a dredge, but just wanted to say that you're absolutely right - Reversos (oes?) are great when they're in proportion with the wearer. I'd expressed myself poorly - I didn't really mean i don't like the design as a design, I actually meant that they don't suit me and my hairy arms :)

  • Yes you’re not wrong with that, I find gents Cartier tanks look similarly challenging .

  • What do you guys think of this?
    Edit: shit image...

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What time is it? Watches and horology

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