What time is it? Watches and horology

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  • Wearing the polaris pretty much on the daily now.

  • Prolly with the sub

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  • Well, he isnt selling out for nothing!

  • Taken these two ( amongst others ) against a vintage piece I sold privately.
    Just want to move them on , anybody fancy either at £ 200 each ? Both limited editions both box etc. Quartz ( the red one has previous owner name engraved).

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  • Who did this?

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  • This citizen 0200 is rad

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  • Wud take over a GS fo shure

  • Not sure about that

  • This citizen 0200 is rad

    I like that...

    retails for $6,000....

    Not sure I like it $6000 though

  • Yeah, that’s the problem, they look good in pics but they're GS money and don’t have the GS brand cachet or quite the same heritage. Would like to see the finishing in the metal.

  • The dial also looks like tarmac.

  • Spark eroded?

    Looks like they try copy Seiko with the Ponzi price hike. 😎

  • Any chance you could stop boring on about your dislike of Seiko and GS? We understand you don't have the requisite aesthetic or technical appreciation to like them.

  • Heh. Will try not to knock forum favs. 😎

  • Eh, they're definitely trying to copy Seiko because they have probably seen the same market research that says they're fucked if they try to compete at the entry level or with the Apple Watch.

    The movement is interesting in some ways (free sprung balance) and less so in others (unidirectional winding mechanism copied from a Miyota) but because they don't have Seiko's long history of expertise in designing movements they had to buy La Joux-Perret and get them to do some of the work. Grand Seiko productionised an entirely new escapement design this year. That's a really big deal.

    It's impossible to say whether the Citizen is worth the price from the press pics but if the bracelet is up to scratch then possibly, yeah. The applied logo looks a bit crude (like lower end Seikos) but maybe it isn't IRL. I like the design FWIW.

  • I can get a Tudor for 3K.

  • Or if you really want an integrated bracelet, there's quite a few options


    The Tissot PRX ($650) powermatic 80 looks really good.

  • Any suggestions on where to get Natos (or 3 ring Zulus) that aren't ludicrously long. They still all appear to be designed for diving although, let's be honest, no-one uses them for that. Looking for 18mm lug width.

    Also, are there any chunky waterproof leather straps out there (in 20mm)? The few I've seen are quite thin. Or should I just go with cordura or sailcloth or something?

  • 3 more . Automatics this time . £300 a pop . Off to the bay at the weekend if no takers. The “pilot” is quite nice actually.

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  • Oh and a collector box .

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  • I like that - just wish it was smaller - 36mm would be bangin! not looked at the price though...

  • You can, but you don’t have to.

  • Heh.

    Be interesting to see what goes up more!

    Not that it matters.

  • A 2017 Tudor Black Bay is worth about 2k now. A 2017 Seiko SLA017 is worth 4k. But if you happened to buy the black bezel ETA BB, people now think it’s worth 4. It’s really about scarcity, not just the brand or even how good the watch is. And I have no interest in playing that game.

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What time is it? Watches and horology

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