What time is it? Watches and horology

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  • I like that, presumably it has a seconds hand that’s hovering over the minute hand right?!

  • such a cool watch

  • Popped into the GS boutique this morning. Not feeling the brown version of this, I have to say.

    The blue dial SBGW259 was pretty nice but I don’t really understand the >£7k price.

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  • yeah sorry, that is disgusting

    Dial texture is very much 'nans wallpaper' and the brown is bad 70s

    as always I'm sure it's somewhat better in natural lighting

  • I feel it might be improved by a different colour strap.

    And are the hands / indices that dark or is it the light?

  • It’s just the light, they are diamond polished to a mirror finish.

  • As you can see on the one I brought home…. 😬😬😬

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  • Yes!!

  • Amazing how much classier the silver is. Nice. I swear Id never be able to buy a watch from a boutique, the lighting makes the brown look so tacky!

  • Well I’ve kind of had it since Monday, I ordered through the boutique after seeing the Monochrome hands on pics (the GS ones weren’t really good enough to tell) and having tried on an SBGW231 recently. But it arrived with the same flaw the one in the Monochrome piece had, bubbles around the edge of the crystal. So I took it to the boutique today and they swapped it, no grumbles. TBF to the brown one I think the boutique lighting is just the worst possible conditions for it. But I still don’t like it.

    Can’t wait to get it on a not-brown strap.

  • I like the brown strap.

  • Me too.

    That’s class @Regal, suits you 👌

  • It’s a nice strap. Nice pin buckle too. But brown.

    I have a couple of black straps coming for it, one casual calf leather and one fancy ostrich. I’m much too scruffy for croc.

  • Certainly looks better without the bubbles! Major swags. You have amassed quite the collection over the last couple of years.

  • Hi. The Skyliner is 1968

  • Yeah, I’m putting a lid on it for now. Will be having a bit of a cull soon and selling some stuff I don’t wear. But I’m really happy with 90% of what I have.

  • Regal that GS is great. First one I've liked in a long time. It almost looks like a render image on your wrist!

  • It’s very bright, both the dial and all the polishing. It practically glows.

    Thanks all!

  • Really nice. Black strap? For some reason I see a dark green of some kind working too. Again, really classy watch.

  • Ta, yeah going for black for now (because it's classic and goes with everything) but I might also get a navy one at some point. Agree, green would definitely work, I'm really liking the shade of green of the one I got for the AnOrdain.

  • They really nailed that one, congrats bro! As much as I like a date the symmetry on that dial is so satisfying and the hue of the linen is perfect. Jealous!

  • So wait. Are you this guy??

    Lovely watch btw. Congrats

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  • Not me, I don’t have an Instagram account! The watches have been available for a little over a week now so the first deliveries would have sold through, though I have no idea how many that is at this point. The Knightsbridge boutique said they’d already put another order in.

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What time is it? Watches and horology

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