What time is it? Watches and horology

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  • I really appreciate Seiko's little red Sunday.

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  • I'm also enjoying a gold seiko with a red sunday today

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  • Gold Seiko.

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  • Awesome! Great dial. So many nice vintage Seiko's out there

  • Very taken with this ‘81 Seiko, basically a Quartz SKX, zero lume left however.

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  • I’m waiting for someone to make a smart strap. So I get the simple advantage of a smart watch (notifications etc), but I can still wear my classic watch.

  • Bought as a 50 year old watch to celebrate the upcoming birthday.

    Seiko watches are great to buy as vintage. Cheap but so good.

  • LOVE the full gold turtle, looks like you got one with perfect alignment as well, which makes me happy.

  • Very good Ed.

    @hugo7 I posted about it last week but basically I was deliberating about it kinda hard because I like my watches and don’t particularly want to see them replaced by a smug wrist computer that’s going to nag me to stand up every ten minutes.

    Still undecided but there’s certainly no need to wear another watch.

    Kudos for the Saul Williams ref btw.

  • I really want the Snoopy and Woodstock Timex.

  • Nah, I went with the SE, GPS only, which they’re not updating this time around.

    I figure that if I really take to it a more expensive model might be worth it but it’s still a bit of an experiment. I’ve never done health/fitness trackers and only the occasional bit of GPS on the bike for distance and routes. But I got really messed up by long covid this year and I’m attempting to be more structured in tracking my recovery and being able to do more. I still haven’t ridden a bike since January.

  • I half caught some of it when I was on holiday.

    Got to be honest and say that while I get the sentiment, if you're already wearing a watch putting another on doesn't make sense to me.

    But then I've gone a bit one watch zen since getting my gshock and becoming a full time dad.

    That two Swatches lyric always stayed with me for some reason. Need to see if I can find the albums as I think I had ripped CDs of them.

  • Would a 7548 movement fit in a SKX007?

    edit; scratch that, very different case.

  • Oh hello....

    Ahh bugger. 22mm strap isn't going to fit my 19mm watch. Hmm. Never thought about just getting a custom strap made and sticking an apple watch on the other side. Mind you, looks well clunky.

  • Given how much my steel bracelet buckles get scratched up it’s probably a terrible way to wear an Apple Watch anyway.

  • Bruh. I haven’t ridden in two weeks and I’m going loopy. Hope you feel better soon!

  • Thanks man. It has been a long gradual recovery but much better now and still going in the right direction. I’m just constantly wary of overdoing it on any given day because it knocks me on my back.

  • If you’re in London, want to borrow my hybrid to allow you to build up strength from small local tide?

  • Be interested to see if you find it helpful.

    Best of luck with the recovery.

  • Very kind Ed, but my old Genesis Equilibrium is practically a hybrid anyway so I’m good.

    I was planning to go out over the weekend but didn’t find the time with ferrying kids around, will be seeing how I go this week. I think it’ll be fine, it’s just psychologically a bit of a barrier because it was going on a short bike ride and being destroyed by it that made me realise I had long covid.

  • Cheers. 👍

  • I couldn't resist the shiny one this time around, found I fell out of love with the alu case years ago and that was stopping me wearing it.

    The prompting is probably more compelling/rewarding when you are exercising happily, it's also especially good for music/tracking without carting around a phone which was a big deal for me running as I always hated having to have the phone with me.

    Maybe it will work as a tool to get back into exercise while monitoring stats, I expect it doesn't do that as well as encouraging the already fit to do a bit more!

    Sorry to hear you are suffering with long covid though. All the best with your recovery, I hope the watch helps.

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What time is it? Watches and horology

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