What time is it? Watches and horology

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  • in reply to @ChainBreaker

    I have a soft spot for some of the Bucherer designs.

    Same... If we both like them, probably means they're ugly as sin 😂

    I liked the concept of the Bucherer Blue collection and once thought I should try aim for that... Until it felt like they came out weekly.

  • Shot last week, unfortunately back in the office again!

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  • Still loving this in the sun

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  • Man flu lunch with old faithful on

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  • 60 lifts and homeward by lunchtime.

    Casio: by winners, for winners.

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  • Great! Was just checking some videos of these yesterday. What do you think of the (massive) size?

  • Personally I like it. But I have anti-Trump sized hands so the size doesn't bother me at all. The watch sits nice and flat on the wrist and the bracelet is quite nice. I love the styling and the design, it is all the 70s stuff I remember from my childhood. However it is VERY thick compared to all my other watches.

    I think you will either love it or hate it on your wrist. There will be no middle ground.

  • Tudor should be famous for having great blues.

    I love the inky blue BB

    Here is the Pelagos in full sun.

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  • Lovely example, looks great.

  • Got to say, think your homemade fade was a resounding success - looks great!

    On hols so combo of beaucoup de suncream and scratched sunglasses means today’s pic could be approaching @ejay2.0 levels of focus

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  • Thoughts hivemind. I’ve been hankering after this for ages and one has come into watchfinder. They’re discontinued. Might be a bit big though

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  • Is that where your watches normally sit? Looks big there but might look more normal further down your wrist?

    It's not the model of El Primero that I'd buy, but if you like it, do it.

  • If not going for the typical loud colours, I'd be tempted by matching dials:

    Or the sharp/panda 50th anniversary edition!

  • Got to say, think your homemade fade was a resounding success - looks great!

    Cheers man! I'm enjoying more cause like any scratch I'd have caused, this is done by me....

    Nice pic as well

  • That grey dial one is actually really nice. That’s 38mm too right? Do you know the reference?

  • My 38mm Helson for comparison.

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  • That looks too big for me but then the Helson looks fine. Maybe just angle

  • The Helson is 38 and the zenith is 42 so fairly big difference. I have a 42mm Helson as well that I don’t wear much anymore but that is a lump.

  • 42

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  • But a 42 Helson is a BEAST

  • After wearing the SPB143 for 2 weeks straight, this feels ridiculously light and ridiculously thin by comparison.

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  • But a 42 Helson is a BEAST

    That's why you buy the damn things.

  • I'm just saying it's very over eccenuated... If you get a 42 you have a FORTY TWO.

  • Yeah it’s a proper 42. Thing is I love it but now I hardly ever wear it because I have the ti 38 version. If I’m going to spend serious money on a watch it needs to be the right one so I’m going to try and find the 38mm el primero. Thing is I don’t like the multicolour version. 😒. I know I’m fussy.

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What time is it? Watches and horology

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