What time is it? Watches and horology

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  • Heh.

    I don't get that.

    I do get that feeling with Seiko.


  • I've surfed in all conditions in my Skx007 for years and been fine with it.
    I think over time this place and Instagram got the better of me and I kept going back to this watch. Having never owned a smart watch of any kind it feels amazing that I can read my emails on my Gshock.
    I surfed the wave yesterday and planned to get a fitting shot, completely forgot though so here it is on my desk

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  • Been looking at that. Have you paired it with Google Fit? The Internet says there are a few issues with it.

  • Yass, G Lide buddies.

  • I haven't no, I've just been using the MOVE app which is a little clunky.
    TBH I am not using all the functions yet as I need to work my way through the operation manual, which I may or may not do!

  • I was very tempted by the teal option.
    I've now seen someone mod the bezel and add some colour, which I'd really like to do.
    Can't find the link now

  • The MOVE app allows you to link it to Google Fit (via a web browser page for some bizarre reason).

    People do say it's 'clunky'...

  • Some vintage bits I came across on the internet. Loving the funky dial of the diver, and the classic bicompaxe dial and handset on the Longines..

    Haven’t really realized that Longines use to make chronograph that nice in the past..

    Also their current Heritage collection is appealling overall

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  • New Speedmaster Chronoscope. Not the one. Bezel, dial and hands are nice, but not inside this case and not on that bracelet IMO.

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  • Reminds me of the Carl F. Bucherer Manero Flyback

    I definitely prefer the Bucherer

  • hmmm.......not sure to be honest.

  • Something a bit different for Friday - this was my Grandad's, and it had a manky brown strap on. Fixed bars made it a faff to change, but I got one of these which basically just clips over the bar.

    It's fairly tiny so probably one for all those black tie events. Gambled on a green strap but I think it works.

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  • Happy Friday.

    Still no change.

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  • I have a soft spot for some of the Bucherer designs.

    I had an awesome 1960s Bucherer watch but lost it. I was/am gutted. It wasn't anything fancy but even so.

  • Morning,

    Sub 💯 club. 😎

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  • Left

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  • Right

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  • Double watching, the protrek is handy for distance tracking and maps on a button push (because walking my dog in a local park really needs all that ...)

  • Moonwatch today

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  • Whenever these get posted, I am reminded how much I like them.
    I look them up, realise they are cheaper than I remember.
    Fail to buy one, and forget about them.

    I will pick one up someday!

  • What’s cheaper than servicing your SKX007? Buying a freshly serviced quartz version with new crystal.

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  • Squale.

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  • My daughters 861 engined , tritium dial Speedmaster professional back from service.

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  • Steinhart

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  • Not worn this for quite some time

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What time is it? Watches and horology

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