What time is it? Watches and horology

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  • Has it saved your life yet? Mustve by now.

  • Nice, must admit they have been on my "want" list for ages.

  • Looks legit.

  • It actually leapt off my wrist and grabbed me when I was about to descend a gully that I wouldn't of been able to get out of.

    Clever bit of kit.

  • It actually leapt off my wrist and grabbed me when I was about to descend a gully that I wouldn't of been able to get out of.

    Clever bit of kit.

    now there is a survival watch in its element(s). sounds like you guys had a blast!

  • Just wait until I get back to the Club Hut. 😘

  • I've been looking for a decent watch for walking for a while.

    While the GPS watches are nice they suffer from needing to be recharged. The Rangeman is solar and barometric pressure is accurate enough to figure out where you are on a map if you can use a compass and understand gradient lines.

    It's a tool watch but a nice G-Shock version. 😊

  • Happy Friday folks, hope yours is as good as you want it to be.

    Seiko Lordmatic for me.

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  • Happy Friday gang. I put an Uncle Seiko jubilee on the SRPE. It’s fun and suits the vibe of the watch I reckon.

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  • Orange and old Friday here.

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  • Old but Gold. (Champagne actually) 😎

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  • Friday? Time for a Spoon-fast.

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  • This is fantastic.
    What is the size like on this? I have a preference for the smaller sizes, with 40mm being a bit too big for my preference.

  • In fact speaking of Seiko.
    I have a manual wind sportsman that has been sticking occasionally. I think it needs a clean and service, who do I go to? I work near Hatton garden so near there would be great.

  • Thanks, it is tiny but I wear some pretty large watches.

    I think it's about 36mm with the crown, and quite shallow (compared to my usual divers watch wears)

    I bought it on ebay, and it came from Japan, last year to celebrate getting a new job.
    It is slightly too small for me (both dial and strap) but it is a lovely watch to look at, and can't see me parting with it anytime soon ;)

  • Default forum answer of Alsal's, near Royal Courts of Justice.

    My geography of London is poor, is that near Hatton Gardens?

  • Thank you.
    Not to far away actually, I'll give them a ring and see

  • Friday? Time for a Spoon-fast.

    Is that my old G-shock? :)

  • I thought this had died when it refused to start after being in a drawer for a year. Turns out you have to reset it by holding down the two chronograph buttons for three seconds and now it's fine again.

  • Certainly is!

    None of the buttons work anymore, probably due to being full of crud, but otherwise I think I've had my tenner (iirc) out of it.

  • Erika’s strap is super nice, very little elastic (less bouncy) and feel way better than any of the alternative.

    Not sure if it’s £67is better tho, it’s more refine than the NDS one from Etsy (NDS definitely feel much more in keeping).

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  • I’ve been enjoying this for a few weeks now. Next task is finding a green /yellow fake Erika strap.

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  • Looks good Ed. Nice to see some patina gathering on the watch too.

  • How's the arm healing up?

  • Clinging on to summer

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What time is it? Watches and horology

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