What time is it? Watches and horology

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  • I have a PRW-3500Y that deserves to be used more if you're interested

  • Trying this out.
    Really enjoying the small size, but definitely needs a new strap.

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  • Not sure there's going to be a huge uptake on the theme :)

    Here's mine looking a bit grubby and battered.

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  • I believe @JB have (had?) something similar also.

  • Could well be. Which version is it?

  • I have a cushion shaped Bulova.

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  • Yep love that one

  • I’m selling it if you’d like it. I’m in the U.S., but can ship anywhere. Keeps decent time but the power reserve is pretty lowly. Requires constant wear/watch winder to keep its time for more than about 6 hours off the wrist.

  • Had my Smiths A404 serviced and a new strap fitted. Pretty pleased!

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  • Bank holiday blue dial

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    • 2D35E34B-FED2-4EF3-9D36-4F20D5929C50.jpeg
  • Still wearing it, what a sweet piece 😍

  • Baffled by the world time setting on my gshock. I thought there was a way to show local time on the hands and then have the digital display showing home time.

    Can someone help me out? If my home time is LDN and I want to change the local time to Paris what do I do?


  • I have these straps to move on, any interest?
    All 20mm, UK postage included. So, from the left:
    Geckota suede light grey/lavender kind of thing - £15
    Zuludiver Erika - £10 Sold
    Zuludiver Canvas single pass, grey - £15
    Haveston single pass, grey - £15

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  • GA-2100 right?

    So the world time mode works in one way, it shows "home" time on the hands and the second "world" time zone on the digital display. So to do what you want, you first need to set the home time zone to Paris and then the world time zone to London.

    So first hold down ADJUST (top left) until the city code is flashing. Use the right hand buttons (up/down) to choose Paris. Then ADJUST again to exit the settings.

    Then press MODE (bottom left) until you see WT (I think it's only one press), then press START (bottom right) to cycle the city to London.

  • Yes.

    Amazing thanks.

  • Chubby construction

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  • I am a big fan of the massive Sea Dweller.

  • So am I

  • New model Aqius, with the dial made of recycled plastic

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    • Oris-Aquis-Date-Upcycle-5-1140x1251.jpg
  • I like that but would like to see how the average ones look. Assume these are pretty random and maybe not hand checked so you might not get something as colourful / aesthetically pleasing as the ones chosen for the promo shots.

    Also, I wish Oris would stop polishing the outside bracelet links.

  • Not a fan of the grey bezel. I think something darker would have made the colours pop better.

  • Think the bezel works quite nicely on wrist.

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  • Any interest in these two vintage pieces .
    Fortis moon phase 36mm and pirenne 34mm with sub seconds
    Both working great inc all functions on the moon phase .
    Maybe a redial on the fortis but looks good if a bit faded , could even be original ??
    Pirenne defo all original and very pretty dial.
    Come with choice of black or brown new or newish strap.
    £150 for Fortis and £50 for pirenne

  • Photos hopefully

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What time is it? Watches and horology

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