What time is it? Watches and horology

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  • The decimal place was on the money.


    Take that golf bar.

  • Is it a homage to real beef?... I mean, it looks legit...

  • Watching the band doc on the iPlayer and noticed that Eric of all the watches and recent controversy elsewhere on this forum, is currently sporting a 🌈 Daytona.

  • Did this happen? If not I'd be interested @ejay2.0.

  • Happy Friday 🙂

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  • Some of you may remember that I'd been very keen on a sub 40mm dive watch a month or two back and I had loads of good suggestions, however, having tried on a LHD Pelagos a number of times since I'm very taken by it and the size isn't an issue... Any reasons to not go for it?

  • None whatsoever, they’re great watches and the titanium makes them wear great despite the diameter. And 42mm is hardly excessive for a divers watch anyway, I never feel that my Squale 1521 is too big.

  • You're right, I got comfortable with my full metal B5000D pretty quickly so the size isn't a concern at all, just fishing for reasons not to pull the trigger at this point! Pretty sure I'll commit to the belated birthday present in the coming weeks...

  • Go for it!

  • I have the regular Pelagos and often forget in wearing it, very comfortable, very light.

  • The height. Everything else is cool AF.

  • It’s a tall one. Same reason I didn’t keep the MM300 (SLA023) as it was just a bit ridiculous.

  • I bet u there is a place in London where you can get a slab of meat substitute for more. 😎

  • Too rich for me.

  • Hard act to follow :)

    Such a nice watch

  • Question; would you guys ever buy a watch without trying it on first?
    I've liked this model for a long time now but I never see them in shops anywhere... now the model seems to be discontinued but they still pop up on chrono24 sometimes.... I have big wrists and it's 39mm so I'm afraid of the risk of being disappointed if I buy it online

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  • Why thank you :) On a side note, it keeps time beautifully for an automatic too.

  • i have big wrists and it's 39mm so I'm afraid of the risk of being
    disappointed if I buy it online

    Better big than small wrist, I brought a BB58 online without trying it on (easier when you’re disabled), and was happy with it.

    Bear in mind dive watches used to be around 36-39mm, you’d need a gigantic wrist to really make the watch look tiny.

    Can you get access to similar sizes watches to see how it is? (Not the same I know).

  • 39mm isn’t small, I think anyone not built like Arnie would struggle to make it look small.

    Chronoris is my favourite Oris I think.

    I have bought watches without trying them on. Try and find YouTube videos of them on the wrist, I think that’s the best way to get an impression of how they actually wear regardless of dimensions. As long as the person states their wrist size for comparison.

  • That's solid advice, thanks guys!

  • Managed to finally tie the knot! Went full Elton John on the ring, not my usual style but I'm partial to a bit of bling!

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  • Talking about buying watches without viewing them in person, I purchased a Zenith online recently only from the render, for a wedding watch. It turned up on the day but late in the afternoon, my dad was a gent and went to get it from the hotel for me after the ceremony. I then went away briefly to Edinburgh and Manchester and got a call while on the way back from my AD to say they had a watch in. I was initially interested in the black chronograph version but they called to say they had a white come in.
    I couldn't resist when I saw it but am now in a position where I can't really afford to keep both. They both have pros and cons and couldn't be more different from each other but I really love both.

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  • Pics side by side?

  • The black zenith is lovely

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What time is it? Watches and horology

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