What time is it? Watches and horology

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  • Looks great buddy 👍

  • Cheers dude!

  • Metal bezel Casio GM-2100 coming next month

  • Thinking about a cartier watch for Mrs’ birthday. Am I wrong that their quartz models aren’t any good?

  • thoughts? I keep being drawn to this one... about skx007 sized

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  • They're fine, no? I’m sure they aren't a patch on a Grand Seiko quartz. But they're perfectly fine.

    It's probably only GS and Citizen fanboys that care how good their quartz movement is anyway.

  • Casio MQ-500g - 1993

    Immaculate condition given its age.

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  • Interesting. Be good to see it on the wrist...

  • Ordered my first G-Shock, a GA-2100-1AER.

    Still irrationally indecisive over the purchase as I keep thinking I should get a 5600 as I've always like the utility without being too tactical. But the Casioak seems to wear a bit smaller, is better looking (to me), and was cheap. But I worry about how legible it is, and have never quite got why you'd want a G-Shock with analogue hands.

    I think a big part is that I was looking at the all black DW-5600BB-1ER as it's quite cheap from Jura and 2nd hand on ebay.

    But I'm not sure how legible it will be, and it's a bit low on features... which doesn't seem very G-Shock. Which then leads me to the GW-M5610-1ER with radio and tough solar.

    But then as a % that's significantly more than the Casioak, and the price is what motivated the purchase as I need to be a bit more prudent right now....

    ... so I just decided to get the Casioak.

    Sorry for the brainfart. Just nice to have somewhere where you can unload this dull shit that would make everyone else walk out the room.

  • I think you'll find the white-handed Casioak perfectly legible, timewise. The other functions are all a bit small though.

  • Funny you should ask... ;)

    (My wrists are relatively slim - the L2L on this is about 47)

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  • looks heavy

  • Yeah that's what I thought from videos.

    Does anyone know what the replacement bezels from ebay or Ali are like? Saw someone who had the white hands and markers but with the stealth bezel. Looked good.

  • yes it looks it (esp as it looks like my arm is dropping to the floor under the weight!), but is actually really light - the metal case is a bit like the removable bezel / shroud thing on a normal g shock - below is some sort of carbon resin composite case that weighs next to nothing

  • This popped up on my LinkedIn feed and I'm considering doing the same with the Sony wena 3. Basically a smartwatch clasp. I've always been tempted by a smartwatch but want to still wear my regular ones. Might see if I can fit it on the helson.

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  • This is how all smart watches/fitness trackers should be.

  • On top of a watch that make it pretty heavy and chunky?

  • I would smash that screen in minutes

  • Was ready at launch to buy one but really feel for an anOrdain to be an anOrdain it needs an enamel dial. Was slightly disappointed.

  • They’re testing the water, aren’t they. Do they have to tie themselves to the enamel dial thing? I think they look really nice in their own right though.

  • Yeah, no, of course not. Just what I was anticipating I guess. Didn’t think the polishing on the case mated that well with the dial, either. Just my 2c though.

  • Didn’t think the polishing on the case mated that well with the dial, either.

    That's an interesting observation, the fully polished case is quite trad dress watch but I wonder if it works less well with the chapter rings on these than with the enamel dials.

    The black one is my clear favourite but I think the white gold one has a really nice warm look to it too. Though they are going to have to elevate the finishing on their hands at some point, I think.

    Btw I asked Anordain and these are exclusive to W&W so have to be ordered from them.

  • Japanese whisky in the group shot is toplol.

    Nice font 🆗

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What time is it? Watches and horology

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