What time is it? Watches and horology

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  • No worries at all. SD is its own thing, I think if you want a really classic mechanical watch it might not scratch that itch but it's very interesting in its own right.

  • Diver's watch on rubber for the beach/surfing/MTB etc. Much better than getting your phone out (if you can!) to check the time.

    Or a G-shock.

  • Summery ebay special.

    Sadly not at the beach.

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  • https://www.g-central.com/g-shock-gm-210­0-metal-covered-stainless-steel-casioak/­

    Steel Casioaks looking better than I expected. Grey and green ones are nice.

    40mm ones also interesting, and they didn't "pink & shrink" all of them this time.

  • olive and black/dark grey 40mm are nice

  • That's what I have this for, I tell myself that all the crap will add to the patina

  • Doxa Sub 300 silver dial (or maybe the Caribbean), anyone’s got one? I really like the idea of a funky watch and keep thinking about the Doxa.

  • Is that untreated brass? I’d give it a go over with acetone to get the nice turquoise poppin

  • The bor bracelet is very shiny in the center links. That’s what put me off

  • Yeah I know, but apparently super comfortable.

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  • Searambler is my favourite Doxa dial. They have a bunch of Doxas in WoS in Stratford Westfield now, I’ve always felt they were a bit overpriced but the 300s did look good. Also one of the few watches that really does suit a BoR bracelet.

  • I can't get onto the UK WoS website. How much are they charging? WoS here are charging $1890 for a 300T on bracelet which seems quite reasonable.

  • £1820 for the 300T but that’s not the one you want. The Sub 300 is £2390.

    Not outrageous but the same movement as an £800 Squale and not really any more finishing or anything. Actually, that’s a bit harsh, it does have more going on.

    But if you want a Doxa it’s got to be a Doxa I guess.

  • £1820

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  • Exactly 😔

    I’d be looking to spend around £1500-1750 2nd hand for a the Sub 300.

  • Oh yeah, right you are @Regal - $2,490 for the 300.

  • If I was into that case shape I think I’d go for a Willard variant

  • It is. I'm just letting it develop naturally at the moment, although there is a lot online about how to develop the patina.

  • I guess these Doxas are a great example where you really pay for heritage, design… rather than an actual watch although I’ve heard the quality is really good. I am really all over them though and I think it’s inevitable I’ll get one at some point.

  • I think it’s inevitable I’ll get one at some point.

    @PawG said about all watches ever

  • 20 july 1969. Moon landing..

    Unfortunately my speedmaster has stopped working.. in just 3 months.. soo not good. sending it to the AD today or tomorrow..

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  • A bit of a speed after the TDF

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  • Got a new fake leather/microfiber strap. Not an Aliexpress special for once.

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  • Prefer these on a NATO/perlon/Erika what have you, personally, purely because of the long lugs.

    I’d be all over this if the lugs were just a teeny weeny bit shorter. Really liked it when I tried it on.

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What time is it? Watches and horology

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