What time is it? Watches and horology

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  • Well, have to admit I’m quite tempted by the Bianchi JB200 re-issue..

    Solid 200m water resistant dive watch, clean no date dial, « destro » case..

    6 days to go before the end of the Kickstarter campaign, release offer is 594€ instead of 990€..

    Decision decision...

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  • The hand/diver graphic locations could lead to some unfortunate juxtapositions…

    That’s a nice faithful remake though. Even the unusual bezel numerals are accurate.

  • Seiko Sunday, red & white date…

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  • Geoff Hurst with a classy reverso - enjoy the game if youre watching

  • Some watches on show on the pundit panel tonight.

  • Casio Royale tonight

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  • Mancini has been wearing a Richard Mille, Rio looked like he was wearing a knockoff… maybe it was a real one?

    Lampard was wearing a rose gold something, a Vacheron Overseas maybe?

  • Rio looked like he was wearing a knockoff… maybe it was a real one?

    He's certainly got the funds for it. What looked off about it for you to think it was snide?

  • It looked like a RM, but not like an actual RM is what I mean. Like a watch in the style of RM. I’m sure it’s real as in genuine, whatever it was.

  • I thought Lampard was wearing a gold Nautilus and Ferdinand some some sort of AP royal Oak tourbillion.

  • Think I need a higher def TV…

  • Half time Ferdinand defo had a RM, similar to Mancinis (and Cav / Alaphilipes)
    Not sure why they are all obsessed with the blue starp.

    Edit: Mancinis watch is a bespoke RM 11 04

    edit2: Rio was likely wearing a common or garden variety 67-02 (according to reddit)

  • Something something fixed wheel watches and automatic bikes or something. Seiko Sunday at Herne Hill Velodrome yesterday.

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  • 67-02

    Yeah, from a quick google it looked like this Alexis Pinturault version in the French flag colours… erm.

  • I think the RM's are sponsored / an influencer type of deal

  • Still think they are ghastly

  • 100%. I'm sure they're technological wonders but they're fugly.

  • Another Seiko, one of my favourite straps because it’s always smiling at be.

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  • Its how they look and feel in real life that I like. Fugly if its not your kind of thing but the feel/quality is unbelievable. Can definitely understand why (filthy rich) people love them. They're statement pieces. They're not wearing them to impress lowly shit munchers like us.

  • Yeah, this. RM isn't to my taste but I'm glad they exist. The things they do, they really nail.

  • The things they do, they really nail.

    make us shit munchers feel shit?

  • that's lowly shit munchers, thank you very much.

  • I am well aware I am not RM target audience, but also, I see who is their target audience and I don't want to be part of that either.

  • I guess that’s one of the things…

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What time is it? Watches and horology

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