What time is it? Watches and horology

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  • @Howard

    This was a place that was recommended to me many years ago by the late, great dmc zone.


    Not sure if they still do repairs so worth a call. Edgeware Rd may not be MUCH closer than Alsal, but less schleppy from West.

  • Hey soory to hear about the misfortune with the speedy.
    The glass looks beyond polywatch to me.
    I have had some success with reprofiling those clasps if they have been twisted , or as said on here you can ususally just replace the clasp section.
    ( I may even have one )
    PM if you want us to look at for you.

  • I have a mate that has inherited a load of Christopher Ward watches that he wants to sell for charity .
    I really don’t understand the microish brands so don’t really want to price them up .
    If anybody likes the look and wants to make an offer on any of these pm me and I will pass them on .

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  • ^ not my photos .
    Too good for mine , I haven't even seen these in the flesh yet but am assured they all really good nick .

  • May I be the first to criticise the logo?

  • And as @Regal is probably thinking - what you mean microbrand? Totally up there with Omega

  • that red one is really nice - looks like the date will be at an angle though which means a no go

    not that i could afford it anyway

  • I told you they weren't my speciality .
    And on another note , you are fucking joking aren't you ?!!!

  • These all look good in pictures, but do they actually bring joy in real life?

  • So how dumb is this. When you sell a watch on ebay.com for over $2000, it has to go to a watchmaker to be authenticated. That's fine. Don't mind that. But the funds are put on hold. Again, fine, don't mind that either.

    However, I was under the impression that the funds would be released once the item reaches the watchmaker and it's authenticated, as it's now out of my hands. Completely out of my control as to what happens to the watch next. But instead, the funds are released after it's been authenticated, repackaged, shipped and arrives at the buyers house. That makes zero sense to me. Truly baffling. What if they fuck the packaging up? Or it goes to the wrong place and so on? B i z a r r e.

  • No help to you but this is why I hand delivered the last watch I sold on there. It went for £3,900 - no way I wasn't making sure that was delivered and feedback left etc.

  • Yeah... hard to hand deliver from Los Angeles to Chicago :')

    With that said, I've shipped a Speedmaster long distance using USPS (as they will actually insure watches unlike FedEx) and it was totally fine.

  • Christopher Ward are doing pretty well at the moment. Sold about £20m worth of watches last year and raised ~£5m worth of investment capital for expansion.

  • It's because they improved their logo

  • But doubled down with that awful seconds hand

  • . wrong thread

  • Wrong thread….

  • Still makes me cringe for some reason

  • I liked their off centre logo AND trident second hand

  • Rolled link bracelet looks like trash. There's something cool about some of the Qs - and the idea of a 70s style case, integrated bracelet and 38mm size appeals to me, but in reality the execution falls miles short of an Oysterquartz, RO or 222. Same for that Tissot IMO. Even the Bell& Ross effort misses the mark despite its four grand (!) RRP. Still waiting for someone to really nail it at a reasonable price.

  • (no offense intended, I understand aesthetics are a personal choice, I just don't like the seconds hand, or roman numerals, or mercedes hands, or Rolexs (Rolices?) but I am on a rant now)

    Tl;Dr: Good for you!

  • no offense intended

    No no.. No offense taken. I agree, im just on the otherside of the fence. Youre more than welcome to dislike it. This is the internet, who cares, right?

    We form bonds over the forum and our love of watches, thats it. We all have our own tastes, some good some bad all subjective.

  • This one's a favourite of mine. Apologies for the crap photography.

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What time is it? Watches and horology

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