What time is it? Watches and horology

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  • t's not that they aren't selling them

    also going to say this. They're selling. And LOADS. Just not to us.

  • you have to buy your AD pineapples

  • On the subject of Rolex steel sports watches (and speaking from the perspective of an owner of one), I'm increasingly of the thinking that buying a "super-clone" of a Sub/GMT is fair game, if you want the look but don't want to pay 200% of the RRP.

    I would buy a GMT today if I could walk into an AD, pay the (entirely theoretical these days) RRP and walk out again with the watch.

    But (and bear in mind I paid ~£1,000 overs for my Submariner) I'm buggered if I'm paying ~£7,000 overs for a GMT. A "super-clone" is ~£1,000, so roughly twice the price of a Steinhart, and tbh that's looking pretty attractive to me these days.

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  • Is the bezel misaligned? Also, not very legible for a divers watch. Fair enough the hands and indices pop but the bezel... can’t see sh*t.

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  • Wearing my BB58 today relieved that they didn’t release a BB58 GMT.

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  • Tudor have done a great job of completely turning me off their brand

  • Buy a 5 digit one, way classier and they don’t make them anymore 😬 the 6 digit is almost as blingy as it gets in SS, so if that’s what you’re after... I’d be interested to hear how the movement feels on the fake. I think I’d rather have a smooth ETA/Sellita than a gritty Rolex clone.

  • "We use the same 3285 movement as Rolex, with the same function as the genuine one."


  • Well, if it’s the same, then it must be just as good? 😂

  • I’m surprised they didn’t put a lume pip at the 12 o’clock bezel.

  • Yeah.
    Or released a nicer watch.

  • Tudor have done a great job of completely turning me off their brand

    Why? How?

  • Ambassadors, cringe marketing, gimmicky watches

  • Ambassadors, I was in an AD the other day and only recognised a former footballer on their posters, so wasn't really out off by people I don't know

    cringe marketing, only noticed it on the video announcing the release of the black bay black, I rarely pay attention to advertising and only saw it because it was shared here

    gimmicky watches, are they?

    (Not trying to start an argument, you are allowed to not like a brand)

  • But, if you can look passed the criminality of it, where would you get it serviced? Would any watchmaker even touch it?

    Say you spunked 1k on it, what happens if 3 weeks later it stops working? Sure, it may last 10 years such is the Eta workhorse but what if its not?

  • There are plenty of watchmakers who can service an ETA and just don’t give a shit what it’s wrapped in.

  • The lol thing about super duper reps is that you can just bung a proper movement in them anyway if you really wanted to. For example a Tudor BB36. If the movement breaks, just whack a genuine 2824 in it and you're good to go.

  • I know where you're coming from, I may have had similar internal discussions myself when i was looking at the Exp II... Unfortunately for my bank balance, I think clones are a no-no. Just because we want something but can't get it (or more accurately we don't like the price we can get it for) doesn't justify intellectual property theft and giving money to shady characters (even shadier than Rolex ADs and grey market sellers, I mean).

  • Please tell me that's not your arm and you haven't already bought one.

    I think they're a bit dull at the moment, but i reckon with a the lume pip and some splashes of colour, could be awesome. Obviously it needs a date.

    Wonder what Omega are thinking now that Tudor are jumping on the METAS thing with watches that retail at a grand or two cheaper...

  • Doubt Omega care. Seamaster is a different kettle of fish regardless of the movements both being METAS certified IMO.

  • No, it’s not my arm! I would not buy this watch.

  • Wonder what Omega are thinking now that Tudor are jumping on the

    Ambassadors, cringe marketing, gimmicky watches

  • if it works, it works! I do think the gimmicky comment is harsh (apart from maybe the P01 thing they did with the weird lugs).

    That voiceover for the video was quite something though. I kept expecting him to sell me a nerf gun or a new breakthrough in frisbee technology.

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What time is it? Watches and horology

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