What time is it? Watches and horology

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  • I only had them on for a couple of mins each, google says BB58 is 11.9mm thick versus Pelagos at 14.3mm. The Pelagos certainly felt the more substantial of the two but not outrageously so. Personally I think I could get used to the size/weight pretty quickly. Bit apples and oranges but when I first got my metal G-shock (GMW-B5000) I thought that was a hefty ol' thing and doubted I'd get used to it. Felt totally normal after a couple of days.
    The Pelagos just sat really nicely on my wrist. Will try it on again later this week to confirm. I need to try the BB58 on with a steel bracelet to be able to make a proper assessment between the two.
    I'm a lefty but have always worn my watch on the left wrist, the LHD Pelagos appeals because it's a bit different but having worn it for a few mins it is really nice to not have the crown digging into the back of your hand.

  • Sorted

  • Really like this and then they totally and utterly destroy it with the date window/cut off 3. WTF!

  • The 40mm version doesn’t have that cut “3”.
    I literally bought that watch few hours ago. Black dial though.

  • Really liking the new Presage Style 60's. Nicer than the LEs from last year IMO and cheaper, too:

  • Quite a lot less detail on the dial on these but they do look good. Don’t think the bracelet suits them at all. Mesh or beads of rice would have been better maybe.

  • Really like this and then they totally and utterly destroy it

    Classic Longines

  • That's actually pretty funny

  • Good they got their Trustpilot score on the dial though.

  • yeah I think that's worse

  • Just think the stars are an equivalent of an “officially certified superlative chronometer” or something like that. Stars take less space 😂

  • Agree re the bracelet @regal - the black on the NATO looks good but the green dial is really nice IMO.

    @pawg yeah but it also has no numeral in place of a strangely off center (IMO) date window.

  • And they've been doing the star dial thing for donkeys so you've gotta let them off.

  • Speedy Tuesday, got the kid off to daycare at a not unreasonable 9ish before heading to work. Max flex points in my 21 year old shitty French hatchback

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  • I placed an order yesterday, so this is now at £675 posted to UK.

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  • Longines have put those five stars on dials on their chronometers since the late 50s I think. Much prefer it to the text that other manufacturers use.

    Something to do with tested in 5 positions I think.

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  • It's fine they've been doing it for ages but it does look pretty crap IMO and has been coopted by McDonalds best employees, Trustpilot and every other review platform which, due to the ubiquity of the 5 star symbol, has now irrevocably changed its meaning.

  • The stars are also apparently shiny AF. I’ll be sure to post a picture when it lands 😬

  • coopted by McDonalds best employees

    I can tell that you haven't spent much time in McDonalds in the last decade or so!

    I honestly can't see how a start rating system can be co-opted or have its meaning changed but fair enough. Each to their own. On a Longines dial it means tested in 5 positions, on a McDonalds employees badge fifteen years ago it means that the employee is experienced. Just not an issue for me.

  • If you work close to digital online sales / marketing or retail it will drive you nuts

    everyone else not so much probably.

  • Probably about as mystifying to marketing people as the Tudor/Dial essay is to everybody else :D

  • Speedy Tuesday strap rotation.

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  • Drama over this is now mostly resolved

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  • Any issues?

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What time is it? Watches and horology

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