What time is it? Watches and horology

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  • Quick Google;


    It’s more expensive but still cheaper than the real deal, you can get the same directly from Taiwan cheaper.

    Biggest difference? 50 metres water resistance.

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  • One of the trickiest thing about fakes is even if you want one you never know what you're actually buying so to spend a grand is a massive risk.

  • Ta, as Sumo says, could just be money for an empty box or similar i guess

  • ^^^That little clip with Mariah Carey besinging the fake rolex is quite funny

  • One of the draws of the fake rolex's must be availability as well? Surely it is mainly watch enthusiasts dropping £1k on a watch, fake or otherwise and if they can't buy it new then they are left looking at fake or second hand which comes with its own

  • Reviews are pretty consistent but $1200 is way too much, the three makers that are all over the forums are $3-500.

  • Agree, one I forget is a reputable one that around £500 with ETA clone, or a bit more with Rolex clone.

    I get it, I prefer to go for something like Tudor than a fake Rolex as Rolex are pretty pointless.

  • big empty safe under the stairs, watches somewhere else?

    Burglars will head for the living room (high value, portable electronics) and the bedroom (high value, portable jewellery).

    Stash in the kitchen or bathroom.

    A decoy safe is no bad idea.

  • And what's the Android app for a Ray Mears?


    Set the TZ via radio

  • I got a £100 one from Singapore and cracked the Crystal in a swimming pool on holiday a year later. Would have been devastated if it had been a proper Rolex.

    Would you have cracked the crystal if it had been a proper Rolex?

  • Why not flex a fake?

    Because the only people who would be impressed by the watch you're faking, are exactly the same people who would know you're faking it.

  • Just popped in a new battery. It’s a bit silly but I love it.

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  • Bottom line for me is that pretty much nobody cares. Unless you have a sports Rolex, then you’re at risk of getting jumped.

    I like nice watches. They impress me. I don’t care what anyone else thinks and would never wear a fake, no matter how much I like the design.

  • I think the case for fakes/replicas is pretty strong with watches tbh.

    If you are primarily interested in the design/style of the watch rather than the brand itself and it still performs the basic function of telling the time to a similar degree of accuracy (I.e. not that great compared to a quartz)

  • Yep. This. I totally get it. I think vintage Rolex is the epitome of classic watch design. I would absolutely love a 1016, but I'm never ever going to be able to afford it. I'd absolutely consider buying a fake/replica/whatever you want to call it. Not only because I could never afford a real one, but also because I couldn't wear it in good conscience in case it got damaged.

    And this is of course not an image thing. I don't care what other people think about anything I do - it would be for me and me only.

  • (I should add - I'm not gonna)

  • Fake Casios are where it's at

  • Subject hijack: I think someone on here has an Alsta Nautoscaph? I'm trying to find my perfect diver at between 38-40mm and I keep looking at this. Huge fan of Jaws (possibly my favourite film) which only adds to the draw. Its really quite overpriced which keeps me from pulling the trigger, but was wondering if someone on here had experience with the watch and had a view after owning it?

  • @jonuxuk has one, I believe.

    It's on my list of watches I'd like to own.

  • I read the article too, and yes, it's overpriced, but I love it and don't care.
    I find it's just the right size and love the 70s vibe.

  • Honestly do it, it look like an excellent watch and love the bracelet, yes it is quite expensive but there’s nothing else like it and it look exactly like a vintage piece without paying vintage money and vintage movement.

    They seemed to hold it’s value surprisingly well too.

  • Thanks - it's a lovely watch. And it does seem to keep selling out, which suggests maybe the price is right! I assume it wears slightly largely than the 38mm dia because of the case shape?

  • I've seen a few mint examples sell for around £450-500 and also brand new for not much more. It's worth looking around all the shops who sell them, very easy to get a discount. Good luck!

  • How about a Squale? :)

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  • Yes, mainly because the case fills in to the lugs, as it were. Here's a pic far enough away to not distort.

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What time is it? Watches and horology

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