What time is it? Watches and horology

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  • I've not put much thought into a limitless money watch list.
    The only thing I've previously thought "if I was minted I'd buy" Urwerk UR-1001 pocket watch.H

  • I remember when i was little i had an fighter airplane watch that look kind of like that urwerk, it was white though

  • Five off the top of my head are VC 222, Patek 3466, Lange 1815 chrono, Lange 1 time zone, Rolex coke GMT-Master II.

    There should be a diver in there though. Maybe a Speedmaster instead of the 1815 (Ultraman perhaps). And a Seiko or GS of some kind. Don’t think there’s a divers watch I like more than the SLA017 in all honesty.

    Edit: maybe a vanilla Lange 1... don’t really need two GMTs...

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  • Ooof.

    Here’s some random pictures I have, I wouldn’t say no to either.

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  • Think mine are...

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  • Bonus photo.

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  • Pft peasants

  • Nicolas Parsons (92 years old, does he drink the blood of babies or something for restorative powers?) doing a program on Marie Antoinette watch on BBC4 currently

  • ^ thanks for the heads up, link here...


  • This is the only watch I would need in a fantasy world

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  • VC 222

    Hell yeah.

    @Tenderloin I didn’t know they made a solid gold Flightmaster, 250 grams apparently!

    A quick five I pulled out of my watch porn album, maybe I need to be more ambitious in my fantasy collection.

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  • Daily, a nice steel or white gold Patek (Ref. 570)

    And one for special occasions, Jasper WG

  • House move imminent so I'll be moving my Mido Ocean Star Decompression 1961 on now. Any forum interest at £1,200 before I go the way of eBay? Unworn and in it's box since I got it.

  • Also price dropped this if any interest

  • VC 222

    Ditto. First thing I'd do with a lottery win.

  • Nautilus for my beater.

    Something made to order from Ludek Seryn for a dress watch.


  • Money no object: 5x Tourbillons from Patek, Audemars Piguet, Vacheron, Jaeger-LeCoulture Omega,


  • Be forever known as toubillon man.

  • Nicolas Parsons (92 years old, does he drink the blood of babies or something for restorative powers?) doing a program on Marie Antoinette watch on BBC4 currently

    Sorry to break it to you, he died last year in Jan after “a short illness”, aged 96.

    Much enjoying the watch pr0n. Not seen much love for Cuervo y Sobrinos, but here’s a Pirata tourbillon I think would go well with my wrist.

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  • That 150k Omega is boringly gopping

  • A lot of these watches are horrible.

  • .

    All the tourbiwyon.

    Money can't buy taste.

  • I'd get someone to dump a PP tourbillion movement into a Seiko 007

  • I'd get one by that japanese guy that made the watch with solar hours

  • Back down to affordable watches, a dive version of the Everest is on the cards.

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What time is it? Watches and horology

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