What time is it? Watches and horology

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  • It's a beautiful watch but I suspect it'd be a little small. What do you want for it?

  • um hello - its on my shortlist of dream watches, price though?

  • @Dammit @apc PM'd you guys.

  • New watch day! Arrived via FedEx don’t appear to have been charged anything by customs but imagine I might get some less welcome post soon.

    Was worried the 38 might be a bit small compared to the 42 but in think it’s spot on. Still a hefty lump even in Ti very glad I didn’t go for the steel version.

    Came in a nice little watch roll. They seem to have done away with the plastic tube they used to use.

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  • That's banging!

  • Looks good!
    Do you have a 42 too?
    If yes, care to do a side by side?

  • I think it’s spot on too, looks nice and beefy! Enjoy.

  • Ask and thou shalt receive

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  • That is nice. Helston do make some good chunky boi watches.

  • Thought the 38mm look big when you first post it, until that behemoth!

  • Nice! Mine arrived a few days ago and I didn't have to pay any tax either.
    38mm looks perfect👍

  • Cheers!
    I'm with Ed on this, on its own it looks like a brute, but next the the fatboi, it's positively svelt!

    Very nice, did nothing the quell my want of the Ti one.

    Early dibs if you decide t move it on in the future!

  • Mine also arrived on Monday.
    I went for the steel and was also worried the 38mm would be too small, I really wanted the 40mm but wasn't in stock. I'm really enjoying it though. I don't have any other watches on a bracelet so it could be that but I'm liking it more and more.

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  • I realised the dial is actually bigger on the bigger sizes so it still look in proportion.

    Now I want a 38mm seeing how your and @magpie look, I like the ti look for an understated look, but now your steel look equally as good.

  • That looks really good

  • I'll post a side by side of my 40 and 45.

    Helson Sharknasters are awesome watches.

  • Sharknasters is definitely a better name!

  • I really am getting old. Getting my words muddled.

  • I do feel ridiculous having two when I only have a few other watches. At least I’m not the only one.

    I just love the style of them though. Not derivative well made and good value.

    I wish now I could’ve got the bronze in the smaller size but they weren’t making them in 2013.

  • I do feel ridiculous having two when I only have a few other watches.

    When you found a brand you like, its easy to buy more of them. Thats the point. Also its good to support them as a brand. Win win.

    I have numerous Steinharts because i like the styling (even if they are close homages), and theyre well made.

  • Not derivative well made and good value.

    When I bought my first one in 2013 I'm pretty sure people on this thread ripped on it for being a sub copy. Seems crazy now!

  • Just make sure that if you have to send a watch back to Helson for warranty, they fill in the customs form correctly when returning it. Last summer I had to pay import duties twice on one watch! Helson apologised for their mistake but didn't reimburse me. Bastards.

  • I've wanted to buy one of these for about 7 years and just haven't done it. Stupid watches but its getting to the point that I can't ignore the voice in my head.

    --Ø 47 mm - height 17mm - lug distance 24mm - lug to lug 53mm

  • Do you want a bed by the window..........?

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What time is it? Watches and horology

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