What time is it? Watches and horology

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  • What do you wear daily? Maybe it has something to do with that. Switching to this from say a G-Shock is probably quite a shock (pun not intended).

  • It's an absolute corker - enjoy it.

  • I wear a g shock. I used to wear one of the ray mears citizen promaster tough watches (which I loved) but it stopped working a while back.

  • Very classy. Enjoy it.

  • This sold me the citizen watch.

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  • I tried one on at the time, limited edition so hard to find unless you’re lucky. Very nice design but 44mm, bit hefty.

  • Just about to embark on the buying a watch from Timefactors saga. Searching online suggests he may be open briefly for orders at some point in mid-January ...

  • I signed up for notifications and it went pretty smoothly. Just be ready when it opens.

  • These days the ordering window seems to be about 10 minutes or so; basically you need to be there refreshing the site at 1pm on the Sunday and have all your bits to hand (cards, authentication card reader, etc.) It adds a certain frisson to the process I guess, but I've never had a problem - I just set an alarm.

  • As in the mailing list on the website?

  • Yeah, Eddie usually sends out an email with the dates & times of the webshop reopening; the other thing to do is keep an eye on the TZ-UK forums, which will have announcements.

  • We are jewellers as well as watch shop.

  • Cheers, I've signed up. I got the mid-Jan date from Eddie on the forum.

  • Cant wait....

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  • Likes = UK price

  • Cold start this AM...

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  • That's how they always do them, just look at the cocktail time as an example, no life in them.

  • GamesMaster

  • So umm.. is it worth it only for the step dial and upgraded movement?

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  • This the upgraded one already?!

  • DON bezel is worth a grand, surely.

    Box looks cheap. The Omega logotype on the dial is definitely too big. I like the look of the bracelet but that laser-pinstriped clasp is an epic fail.

  • The Omega logotype on the dial is definitely too big.

    Lol. Bet they don't sell a single one!

  • Oh, some people will probably prefer it, just my hot take. But Speedmasters have been around for so long they've become all about the small details. Bet these will become known as "big logo" dials in time.

  • The Omega logotype on the dial is definitely too big.

    Is it?!

    laser-pinstriped clasp is an epic fail.

    I dont think so. I quite like it.

  • I don’t like the bracelet even more than the last one which I wasn’t a fan of already but learned to accept it (and hopefully own it one day).
    Now, do we know the prices already? Someone said low £5000 for hesalite, high for sapphire, that true?

    Edit: £6325 for sapphire with bracelet? Ouch

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What time is it? Watches and horology

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