What time is it? Watches and horology

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  • Yeah the finish feel way better than pictured (rendered?).

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  • Forgot to wish all the WIS a Happy New Year.

    @PawG If you haven’t spun these watches into a Richard Mille by the end of the year I’ll be disappoint!

  • Oh nooo, those are not for me, don’t worry :-)

  • 2021 so far was just as dull and grey as last year so had to add a little color.

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  • Ta - yeah, as a rule I don’t wear brown leather so I swapped the stock strap (as nice as it is) for this immediately. It’s a Rios one with an Omega pin buckle fitted (same buckle as the OEM strap). It’s a really nice soft strap, and casual enough for me.

    I attempted to fit the Forstner flat link and fully rage quit as my expensive spring bar tool kept slipping off and scratching the underside of the lugs. I might try again when I’m over the trauma but I’m really happy with it on this strap so I probably just shouldn’t mess with it.

  • Why no brown leather? To be fair - Speedmasters look good on literally anything. You could probably wear it on a shoe lace.

    I've heard these bracelets can be a major PITA, have you tried different angles? Sometimes it's literally the case of changing the angle the bracelet enters the lugs and it just pops into place.

  • I’ve never liked the look of brown leather, I’ve never worn it, not even shoes and boots, my entire life. That sounds like a weird “thing” now. Maybe it is.

    The problem with the bracelet was a problem with the tool - I used a really quite pricey Bergeon one but I ordered the “thin” tip version and they are so fine that they slipped off the spring bar far too easily (the spring bars that Forstner chose to supply didn’t have particularly well defined ridges either). I should have stopped sooner is all. No real harm done.

  • Or just bust out the dental floss

  • The Speedmaster bracelet is a real PITA to refit. The Bergeron tool doesn't really help either. Just keep trying at different angles or even swapping the spring bars out and help. But yeah, I've been putting off fitting the bracelet again so just keep changing straps. Still haven't found the right black leather one

  • have noticed this with the spb147 too. yours looks great ed!

  • The nicest modern Tudor imo!

  • Signing off 2020 with a Speedy...

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  • Someone got it right Page 2021 and it is 2021.

    Happy New Year all!

  • I haven't even got to the millennium yet - hope all my electric watches aren't caught out by the bug!

  • Starting 2021 with a vintage Tudor recently acquired, it’s not mint, bracelet is missing, but it make me smile every time..

    HNY fellas

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  • That's amazing! That's a good start!

  • Very nice looking example, grats.

  • Does anyone want this? It has sat in a drawer for a long time and kinetic watches are not for me. I'm not sure how well it works or if just sitting around buggers them up.

    Never gets worn and seems a shame to just bin it. PM and cost of postage if you want it.

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  • Yes please. I'll pm in a bit.

  • awesome, congrats. what model/size is that one?

  • @PawG @ChainBreaker @Regal thanks, it was a long hunt..

    @swedeee thanks, it’s a 94010 from 1979, 40mm size, same case as 5513 submariner

  • Happy New year! I run a manufacturing jewellers in Hatton Garden. https://www.queensmith.co.uk

    I’ll drop you a PM.

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What time is it? Watches and horology

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