What time is it? Watches and horology

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  • Really nice, great size.

  • Ok, here’s a few

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  • Still lovin' it.

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  • So, my Tudor is now at Rolex HQ in London and they decided to replace the movement with a new one. Hopefully won’t take too long.
    I wonder what the issue was...

  • Forum reads. ;OP

  • I actually love this, just don’t like the idea of Christopher Ward for some reason.

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  • It doesn't have that wanky seconds hand, so that's a plus

  • Minimalist for me.

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  • Saw some Tudor BB58 in Westfield yesterday, look very underwhelming.

    Doesn’t help with the lighting made it look very different to the studio-like lighting of the same watch on YouTube and Insta.

  • Would be near perfect in 36 mm. The one and only classic/correct size :).

  • Last one left peeps , none about anywhere allegedly . Don’t miss out !!

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  • @ejay2.0

    whats the story about the 50th anniversary Snoopy Speedmaster?

    I heard that it was not going to be limited by stock. That true? Also, i assume, whatever is supplied is sucked up like a dustbunny under a hoover.

  • I’m not allowed to take preorders ( at the moment ) it appears is limited by stock availability. We should get at least one .

  • I kind of like that watch, but not enough to buy it, Tintin was a part of my childhood in a way that Snoopy was not.

  • ) it appears is limited by stock availability.

    So its not limited by limited numbers but it is limited by stock.


  • Im a fan of the Silver Snoopy Award Apollo 13watch.

    But that is a limited run.

    But the new one is not bad.

  • Every time I see a new or LE speedy I never think it’s as nice or nicer than the OG.

  • Whichever way you want to say , we have ordered 5 but is unlikely to receive 5 . I think it going to limited by demand outstripping the amount they can produce in the 2 years or so they are supposed to making them. Allegedly .
    Haven’t been told officially.

  • Did you see both options? I think they are really well finished at that price point. Also the in-house movement etc. makes it a bargain really... If it works as it should!

    I had a little update today saying they have tested the replacement movement and it's displaying similar properties as the one I complained about! This is getting interesting.

  • Ooh I think I much prefer white dialled speedmasters

  • Didn’t really have a good look, in comparison to the SPB143 it doesn’t look that big a difference when put side by side (quality wise and such).

    Bracelet on Tudor is definitely better that’s for sure.

    Still like the ideas of getting one, just not at 3 times the price.

  • Really? That's interesting. To me they are worlds apart.

  • The red Olympic edition one with the silver/white dial is really nice.

  • With the added bonus it has the ‘Tokyo 2020’ caseback which means it’ll be worth squillions one day...

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  • It’ll be a good antiques roadshow anecdote if you’re still around in 50 years’ time.

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What time is it? Watches and horology

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