What time is it? Watches and horology

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  • Nope @Stonehedge , you depress the pin to set the time using the crown, other wise the crown winds it. Never seen it before.

  • Haven't seen that before either!

  • Diving in my car. Again.

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  • Alright Gary Numan.

  • This Oris was gifted to me and was my first decent mechanical watch, daily use and abuse had it looking a bit rough. There were some pretty deep scratches and I wanted to give it a matte look so I went over the case with a scotchbrite wheel on my polisher, added the suede strap and brushed the stainless buckle to match the case. I am happy with the result and it has breathed a bit of life back into a watch that was destined to be taken out of circulation.

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  • looks great! what's the reference/size?

  • It is a BC3 day date 7500, 40mm. Looked like this before.

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  • Very Ingenieur-y. Maybe even a nicer design than the current Ingenieur.

  • I really like this watch!

  • Maintenance and strap change!!

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  • Is the crown that big or simply unscrewed?

  • It's called ''Oris Big Crown'' :-)

  • Is the crown that big or simply unscrewed?

    Bet you say that to all the boys

  • These puns really make me tick

  • I cant get the case back off but I have a photo of the movement from the person I bought it from. Engraved in a similar way as the back. It’s either an absolute treasure or out a Christmas cracker... I can’t tell...

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  • So packed with character. Captured that shape beautifully. How's the reliability been generally?

  • Today’s project was to have a go at adding “patina”. Not to everyone’s taste I’m sure, I like the outcome.

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  • cup of bleach for 30-60 secs will do wonders in making that alu bezel insert look less new behind the scratches.

  • Cheers, I will give that a go.

  • Hang it on a string behind your bike..

  • I've been browsing and found a Rolex I do like a lot. I've always liked the look of the Explorer I, but the new Oyster Perpetual 36 (126000) with blue dial has got me seriously considering it. I can see that retail on these is ''only'' £4450, but 2nd hand the price is quite a bit different. Do you guys know what sort of waiting time would I be looking at? If I get this watch, it'd be for my birthday next year. I know Rolex is funny with the ''waiting lists'' etc. but this model is the cheapest and maybe not as desired?
    It's either this or the Tudor BB36...
    Talk me out of it maybe?

  • Excellent choice! I waited about 4 weeks for my OP36 last year. It might be a bit longer than that now, especially with it being a brand new model, but it should be nothing like the issues you get with the sports models.

    The BB36 is ok, but the OP is in a different league, it’s a watch for life. Definitely get it to mark an occasion as well, it will add to the attachment.

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What time is it? Watches and horology

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