What time is it? Watches and horology

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  • Switched it up and worn this the last few days. Watchgecko fake Erika strap makes it very comfortable.

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  • Nothing new here

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  • Guess the rubber crown guards are a weak spot on these then?

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  • They are when you have have pet rats that chew on everything.

  • Ha, too small for my vizsla to munch, probably best I don’t dwell on what ate mine?

  • Also, this arrived today. Not sure right off the bat, but I can feel it growing on me.

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  • Have you changed the bracelet or is it just the lighting?

    The lighting, it’s a little weird in the workshop

  • Got a cheap waffle strap for my beater diver. Actually looks ok and seems like decent rubber... Will see how long it lasts in the sea and sun.

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  • Need to sell some pieces - will shortly be selling the following - all minimal wear so in essentially nearly new condition with boxes and papers:

    Hamilton Khaki Field Auto 38mm black dial black leather - £350

    Seiko Sarb 033 - 38mm, black dial, metal bracelet - £500

    Seiko Sarb 035 - 38mm, white / cream dial, metal bracelet - £450

    Seiko SNK809 - 37mm, black dial, metal bracelet - £85

    If there's any interest let me know - I'll probably stick them on ebay otherwise.

  • These are some nice watches!

  • The strap actually really work with that watch.

  • That's an awesome pairing, these appeal to me more and more over time.

  • Yeah, it has made it half decent as a combo. Also much more wearable. I had a eulit perlon strap fitted for a while but it went hard and brittle after a few summers.

  • The watch itself has been excellent. Pretty basic but keeps near perfect time and seems to just keep going. I've been using it since 2015 and it's had its fair share of knocks and heavy surf.

  • .

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  • You mean patina

  • Nah, it feels like that before the first scratch. After that, you can relax.

  • Page 3?? Unacceptable..

    The new panerai 2020. Designed to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Paneristi.com community!

    I think the crown and .com on the dial is a bit much but overall its beautiful.

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  • Hahaha

    Just saw this... Though thought only you and I would be interested.

    I agree. The .com makes it look like a promotional item like a pen or pad from a convention.

    The guard is silly on a Rad. (I know it's Panaristi logo, still stupid)

    And if they've lazer cut the details onto a sandwich dial, why is there no lime under it? Not sure if it's better like this or worse.

    Couldn't they keep the dial clean with the celebration on the caseback?! Lush dial ruined.

    (Personally I think it would've been great without the .com AND put the dates on the back)

  • Yeah i guess they wanted the "brand" in the front like comex!!! They could have find a better way like an engraving in the inner bezel like the california

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  • thats cool

  • This looks fun. Diminutive 38mm. Bit spendy.

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  • Stinks of Universal

  • I think that’s the point, isn’t it. I assume this is coming from William Massena, who’s a hardcore vintage watch nerd. His talking watches ep is worth a watch.

    Price isn’t bad at all really, I actually think it would have been worth charging a few hundred more if they could have made the lugs a bit sharper.

  • Referring back to the sub-39mm chat from the other week, this had passed me by - a 38mm time & date Alpinist (no internal compass bezel), matte textured dial, kind of interesting if quite retro.


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What time is it? Watches and horology

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