What time is it? Watches and horology

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  • Can someone explain to me what the appeal of these measurement watches is like vivosmart / fitbit / etc.?

    The data is appealing but the actual watches not so much. I would like something that does all the day to day tracking (HR, Activity, Sleep) but not look like...what they currently look like.

    Someone embed all that functionality in a strap for a traditional watch without making it gopping, please.

  • Cheers all. Sports I got, it's more the everyday wear I didn't get.

    The follow up question is whether armed with this information you then change your behaviour?

    For e.g. if the data says you're likely coming down with a virus what is the treatment?

    I think part of the reason I find this side of it interesting is spending a bit of time being bombarded with tests in the US where it often wasn't clear what the change in the treatment path would be post results.

  • For e.g. if the data says you're likely coming down with a virus what is the treatment?

    For me specifically, as somebody who suffers from occasional severe depression, knowing that I am actually physically run down rather than mentally run down is a big help as to deciding what to do next. I just an added bit of data that helps me understand what is going on. Garmin also has quite usable stress metrics that have allowed me to spot when I'm not looking after myself as well as I should.

    On a very basic level, if I can see my resting HR has been 10bpm higher than usual for a few days, I know something is up. Maybe not what is up, but it gives me a nudge.

  • It’s increasingly not just the actually doing sports part of it, though - the higher end models will track your recovery, and as Stonehedge says, sometimes it’s a good check on how you’re feeling - personally I know I can go from bouncy exercise high to morose slump if I overdo my activities for the day, and it’s often all the other stuff that I’ve done on top of ‘formal’ exercise that’s tipped me over. Plus I’m keeping a close eye on my pulse ox in case of COVID...

  • Here's a pretty looking rolex from the past

    Rare 3-6-9 submariner

    This specific Rolex was only produced for a short period in the early 1960s.

    Very few survive with their original dial because when they were returned to Rolex for servicing, the dial was regularly replaced with a new one.

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    • Screenshot_20200930-151913.jpg
  • Did steinhart made a homage to that? @Dammit did you had one before? (Steinhart).

  • Yes I did, sold it a little while ago.

    I ordered a Vivosmart 4, and my reason is that I’m doing a 12 week training thing and the trainer has asked me to walk at least 10,000 steps per day, which I find hard to guess.

  • I think the Steinhard homage was of the Mil Sub

  • Didn’t know it’s still in stock, would have thought it be gone by now.

  • It was sold out for ages.

    They've just brought it back.

  • Only the sapphire version. I have the plexi and it’s a beaut. Haven’t worn it in a while think I’ll dig it out

  • Bet the steinhart won't sell for £200k though😂

  • 🥰 New Tudor Royal

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  • The current one has a slightly domed sapphire crystal, the old one (that was limited to 300) has a nicely domed acrylic (you can see it on greentricky's post). Dammit's was one with the acrylic and I'm still enjoying it :-)

  • Roman numerals tho >>>>>>>

    Apart from that; nicest thing they do imo

  • The non sapphire seem to be 3x the price of the new on eBay

  • I do like it. But do you know why the "4" is writen IIII and not IV ?

    Edit: found something: here

  • really don't like these
    roman numerals >>>>
    day window chopping up said numerals >>>>>
    boomer esque bezel/bracelet combo>>>>

  • Yeah that sums it up nicely. Next!

  • You would rather go for a Longines Spirit if you want a blue dial then. Huge power reserve and COSC certfied at 1800€ that's a bargain.

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  • Longines Spirit

    That chopped up '3' though.

  • Those Tudors are a bit Arthur Daley / 80’s golf club - is that the next new thing ?

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What time is it? Watches and horology

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