What time is it? Watches and horology

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  • Nothing special. Japanese quartz. Whatever that means.

    But the styling is cool. Different. I like the deep set sub dials and chapter ring.

  • It looks surprised

  • Sounds perfect, cheers

  • A surprised southpark character

  • Casio Carnaby St has the blackout GA-2100 back in stock

  • Still asking myself if I should buy one or not, how thick does it feels ?

    Found a picture doing comparison with a Sub, seems big..

    Maybe the skin diver reduce this impression IRL

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  • Tried this today, feels nice, not sure if I’m ready to go deeper in the vintage workd

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  • Flip the Hulk 4 it. :oP

  • I like the vintage snowflakes but I wouldn’t touch one without iron-clad provenance, so many get messed with. Everything looks way too clean on that example, lume, bezel, lugs...

  • @inchpincher seller had replaced insert for a cleaner one unfortunately, here is the same watch with OG bezel

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  • I’d love if it were thinner but as it is it’s not disproportional. The thickness measurement looks pretty bad but the dome crystal accounts for a couple of mm. Not a sticking point for me, though I know it has been for some owners.

    The rubber strap matches it very well. The bracelet is a total non-starter, looks awful and scratches the case.

  • Thanks for your reply, reviews said the steam is comfy but too long, they also said that the bracelet is a shame at this price point..

    I quite like it with this combo (seen on IG)
    Also seen somewhere a picture of the SLA with a Milanese bracelet, was not that bad

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  • A surprised southpark character

    Annoyingly I'm now getting FB ads for it.

    That makes it a terrible watch I don't want. Fuck FB ads. Fuck Google. Fuck FB. Fuck Microsoft. I hate adverts.

  • You can buy the Sharkey 62MAS to see how it is?

  • .

    (Working on same principle) 😎

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  • Strap a touch short and ticking quite loud but still nice.

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  • Surely you have a pihole? Pihole + uBlock = bye bye ads.

  • Calling out all speedmaster specialists.. how does this one look. From 1981, same as me :)

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  • All the cool kids come from '81.

    Never noticed the cock and balls 12 o'clock before...

  • Surely you have a pihole? Pihole + uBlock = bye bye ads.

    there a windows and android version?

  • Well a pihole is a pi and I dunno anything about android. Encryption thread >>> but all I use on mobile is Firefox for the forum because I need a persistent sign in session and Firefox focus for everything else. I get no targeted ads. But then I don’t have Facebook so I dunno 🤷🏻♂️

  • Nextdns is what all the cool kids are using now.

  • I’d hold out for a better example personally for the following reasons. Main issue is the dial has been ‘washed’ which is where the lume plots have probably started to deteriorate so it all gets scraped off for a more even appearance. Secondly the condition of the hands - thin green lume and peeling paint is unappealing. I’d say the case has had a sympathetic polish, pretty sharp overall.
    Judging from the swish pics I’m guessing this is dealer money and not cheap so again I’d be inclined to sit on my bankroll.
    I’ll PM the relevant pages from the bible Moonwatch Only of the reference you’re after.

  • Thanks thats the review i was looking for. He wants $4250 for it.

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What time is it? Watches and horology

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