What time is it? Watches and horology

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  • Thank you - that's a good idea. I've contacted him suggesting we cancel the order so I can repost it with a BIN of his winning auction price and with GSP enabled - so he can buy it again. We'll see if that works...

  • Just be aware that eBay sometimes disables the GSP option without disclosing a reason. Usually on items such as watches and jewelry. I had an issue (ultimately solved) selling a watch to somebody in Brazil earlier this year. eBay, for whatever reason, disabled GSP mid listing even though an international buyer one. Ended up having to spend £200 on a Fedex insured service to get it to the buyer.

  • Thats the one . Not a cup though . Or v6.

  • Ooh, I'd love a V6 gtv. Not for the handling, just the soundtrack.

  • Looks like he's bailing on the purchase now. Not a serious buyer after all. First time that's happened to me. Oh well - I'll list it again...

  • And as I was driving yesterday and missed posting a Friday photo, here's a Seiko Saturday photo instead. My first mod (a simple one mind - just the bezel, insert, and strap)...

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  • Nice - 12hr bezel is massively-more useful in my opinion (as landlubber)

  • I'm sure he was a serious buyer. It's just you couldn't complete the auction as it was advertised.

  • Isn't there an option to exclude buyers without a certain level of purchases/feedback from bidding?

  • No you can't block people with no feedback - which makes sense I guess as everyone has to start somewhere. We're working it out and I think I may have him back on board again - I think he's realised I'm actively trying to find a way to get him the watch in good faith even though it was advertised as UK only. Fingers crossed and all that.

  • The new Grand Seiko SLGA001 look impressive with 5 days reserve and Quartz accuracy but £10,000!

  • Focus fail on the Citizen

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  • Is that Vera Lynn in the distance?

  • If you'd ticked the UK only box he wouldn't have been able to bid!

  • Thank you for your help

  • Sorry for stating the obvious but you said he wasn't a serious buyer...thought you might not have realised that the root of the issue is you accidentally listing the item with terms you initially were not prepared to honour. Good on you for trying to make the situation right though. Hopefully you can do so without being out of pocket.

  • Thanks - at no point did I say I was not prepared to honour the sale. Quite the opposite - I posted on here to ask this good community for advice on how I could best do that(!)

    I think we should probably move on now - its a nice sunny Sunday.

  • Sorry, I clearly misunderstood.

  • Don’t worry about it ;)

  • Carnaby St G-Shock store has black Casioak with white numerals in stock

  • JPS Daytona - $1.5M

  • Fuck me, that's stunning.

  • Have to say I think I prefer the reverse... (cheaper too)

  • Ah, the Frank Butcher Daytona.

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What time is it? Watches and horology

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