What time is it? Watches and horology

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  • Finally picked these up after taking them in to Alsal for a service about 5 months ago!

  • I love the watch. It keeps much better time than my SKX007, although I think thats due a service.

    I'm with you, the shape just doesn't suit the bracelet. I much prefer the strap on the green but preferred the black dial. I'll post another when photo when the straps arrive.

  • Timing the run time

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  • Always liked that watch. Wish the lugs were a bit longer/straighter

    The usual for me

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  • Still not tired of this after dropping the the bracelet for the strap.

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  • Timing the parking meter and enjoying coffee with dolce at Lago di Bolsena

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  • One of the pitfalls of vintage watches is that they break. A lug snapped on my Borgel cased, pin set, Tavannes.

    So out with the file, borax, gas torch and 9ct gold solder.

    After a dunk in the pickle and a quick clean up it's back on a strap and on my wrist today.

  • On da bus. Number 58

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  • Wish the lugs were a bit longer/straighter

    Yeah it's slightly odd. It's own design. Longer lugs wouldn't work for me personally, but on a beefier wrist they would help.

  • Amusingly I got that e-mail about ebay's money back guarantee about 20 mins after I sent the refund request! Good news is it's all going through without a problem - in fairness to the guy I think he hadn't spotted that he'd twisted the end links when he removed them (I think he did that straight after buying the watch), but the scratched bezel was a bit of a pain. He was v apologetic. I found another one on ebay which is on the way now as a replacement, so hopefully there'll be a happy end to the story...

    To those who wanted me to upload the unboxing vid, alas I stayed very calm so isn't as entertainingly Victor Meldrew as some might be hoping(!).

    Here's today's piece:

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  • Afternoon on the tools tool watch.

    The monocoque case is my favourite bit

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  • Friday vibez

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  • as I mistakenly ordered from the US site.

    Fucing hate that... I've ordered a bunch of straps... only realised it was a US site when it didnt arrive with in a few days. That was 24 days ago. Plus the courier isnt answering their emails so im guessing its in customs while they work out the best way to sculp me.

  • Nightmare!

    I ordered mine on 3rd July, landed in UK on 19th, still in transit.........

  • The usual...

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  • Another Seiko. With newly purchased brewkit in background.

    (And the wrong date...)

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  • Anyone interested in a basically new Seagull 1963 before I stick it on ebay? It's 38mm with sapphire crystal. Comes boxed with all gubbins. No scratches. RRP is £226 excluding duties and VAT. I'll sell it for £50 less than that, so £175. Photos on request, but basically google or youtube it and you'll get the idea!

    It's a lovely watch, and the display case back shows the rather splendid little mechanical chronograph movement. I'd like to keep it but I'm thinning my collection right back to a few watches.

  • These are funky! Perfect holiday watch.

  • And it looks like this has gone already...!

  • It should, they’re excellent watch, had the acrylic version and love it.

  • Quartzy

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  • Seagull 1963

    This one?

    A Look at the Seagull 1963
    Case - Steel
    Movement - Seagull ST19 (obviosuly)
    Dial - Silver
    Lume - N/A
    Lens - Acrylic
    Strap - Leather
    Water Resistance - N/A
    Dimensions - 38mm
    Thickness - 14mm
    Lug Width - 18mm
    Crown - 5

  • Have been 'offered' a Seiko Rootbeer.

    It's a nice watch but really not sure about it.

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  • This is very nice.

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What time is it? Watches and horology

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