What time is it? Watches and horology

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  • I'm pretty confident he'll buckle

    Nice pun.

  • The hodinkee desk clock.. i guess it could work for a bike clock as well right?? $5900

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  • Hands aren't even level ffs

  • Yeah, those hands have not been set properly.

  • very nice font though

  • The 1 o'clock numeral is floating about a bit in no man's land

  • For me not so much, I just love it! I love the classical look at the front but so modern at the back.
    It's rhodium plated and I think I does an excellent job of isolating particular areas without having everything on display.
    Leaving all mechanics on view boosts the details and craftsmanship but it's so common now and amplifies the sort of classic pocket watch aesthetics but this is the complete opposite to me. Thick slabs, heavy leading lines to exactly what they want you to see and really highlight. No blued screws either. Doing their own thing and I respect that.

  • Just no.. . Not for $6k

  • Yeah, I agree, I really like the movement design and finishing on that LF. You have an unobstructed view of the free sprung balance, that’s the main event.

  • That's beautiful. And I bet they spent an age deciding on which exact red to use. As @hugo7 said, effortless. Add it to the list of watches I'll never be able to justify spending on.

  • This is getting absolutely rinsed online. Hodinkee switched off their comments of it on Instagram as well as Worn and Wound.

  • At least W&W gave a reason for closing their comments. Still think it’s silencing people but Hodinkee have not. And they’ve uploaded two photos since. A mistake IMO as people are just writing their comments there instead.

  • @DanM That is bullshit. Well you'll be glad to know that eBay just updated their terms in regards to the "Money Back Gurantee" starting in September. Feel it's gonna be tough on the genuine sellers though.

    @DethBeard "factory issued scratches" 😆

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  • I agree. I mean, c'mon, they really feel people are gonna eat out of their hand for that?
    Ironically it has a section based around typography and some points we were talking about today, @Regal may have actually referenced it as well, which I like.
    I also like the story notes of stumbling across vintage movements, not sure how genuine that is though but the actual use of the item is pretty much obsolete. Nobodies gonna travel with it, it's essentially a $6,000 ornament and the finishing looks pretty average. I'd pay thousands to stare at a Faberge cigarette case, not this.

  • And in my opinon red can be a tough one to pull off on a lot of watches, they've got the magic sauce.

  • Anyone interested in this beater?
    I've worn the watch for maybe 2 weeks, selling to fund Seiko SPB. I paid just over £350, would like £325 posted and I'll throw in a generic tropic strap from Zuludiver.

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  • It’s Friday! What have you got on today?

  • Prompted by looking at the new 6R Willards yesterday (and they do look good, if expensive).

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  • Had this for 3 weeks.
    The bracelet has grown on me but I'm still not keen. It was never the plan to keep it on. I ordered 2 uncle straps the day I ordered the watch. Still not here as I mistakenly ordered from the US site.

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  • 🏰

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  • Speak of the devil... I don’t think Turtles suit a bracelet, the strap on the green one looks pretty nice.

    Happy with the watch though?

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What time is it? Watches and horology

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