What time is it? Watches and horology

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  • My Everest was wobbly as hell. I would lift my arm and the rotor would spin so much the watch literally wobbled on my wrist. I guess it’s better that it spins like this rather than not spinning or having trouble to do so :-)

  • Ha. In b4 Flynn.

    Except one is moon / tide phase. The other is a dive timer / death predicter.

  • Thanks - sounds very familiar! Sadly I think I’ll let this one go - such a shame as it’s a great watch in so many ways. I keep looking at the explorer version (as a 36mm explorer is my grail watch) but the risk of ending up with another rattly one rather puts me off.

    Timefactors stuff is good though - super impressed with the air ministry watch I have.

  • Mine is long gone, couldn't live with it.

  • Cool! thx for the info

  • I use mine a lot on the Seamaster. Living in a warm climate does influence this.

  • ordered 3 straps, 1 each of french nylon, elastic and thick weave (georges straps)

    I've been trying these out for a spell.
    The Elastic is very comfy, mainly because it is stretchy but not too much, you can go 1 hole tighter and it not be too restrictive
    French Nylon is just your regular NATO style, does the job.
    The Thick Weave is what I have on most of the time, its great, only 1 strap (doesn't have the 2nd retainer strap over the spring bars), is thick so you can't double over to tidy the strap in the metal keepers (but you can get 2 sizes to prevent much overlap)

    Overall quality is exceptional for the price, would recommend for anyone wanting some cheap straps to up their rotation.

  • Photos or it didn't happen

  • Didn't know there was so much hate on Hydroconquests

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  • For those with some spare change patek has new releases..

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  • What's the blue dot at the 7.30 on the fugly one?

  • Day or night?

  • Ha, weird seeing email and not "Swiss Made".

  • Ah yes. And the date at 4.30 that surely isnt another date?

  • I guess it is the date as the other function only states the day and month.

    Ignore me, being an idiot and didn't read the other sub dial. Surely the "9" is the wrong way round on that though?! Guess it has the change angle wise at some point but doesn't look great there.

  • That enamel dial split chrono is pretty banging actually.

  • Serious party in the back.

  • The melty font '1' does my head in a bit, but otherwise OK it's nice.

  • Breguet numerals, isn't it, they're a bit marmite. Don't think these are badly done at all in this case, I'd probably take them over roman numerals.

  • I'd still rather have battens like the one above. Numerals make it look like a kids watch.

  • Blue dot is day and night. Other dot is leap year

  • No hate. They just don't work for me. I want them to look that that on my wrist, but they just don't.

  • Yeah Email threw me a little

  • It did feel pretty bulky at first but I got used to it. I got a Seiko SKX009 and it seemed so small compared to the HQ.

  • Well, I'd probably rather have a Lange 1815 for a fifth of the price, but yes. Batons would be better.

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What time is it? Watches and horology

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