What time is it? Watches and horology

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  • Switched everything?

  • It depends on the design of the movement. In most chronos having the chrono running depletes the power reserve slightly quicker, but some are designed to be the other way round.

  • Switched everything?

    I only had Home Contents with Hiscox (which included the bikes), I've swapped that over completely. £8,000 limit per bike, which beats Hiscox handily.

  • Spare money for another watch?😁

  • This is tragic.. you’ve just got a really nice watch, but now it’s over? Try it on a different, lower key strap. I’ll get that you may have got over the itch, but why is it too shiny? Is it too obvious? Too “Grand” Seiko? I looked at the model for a few years, but when the branding changed, the watch changed. Now it’s an identifiable posh watch.

    If you want a HAQ, but under the radar, less bling, think about a Citizen Chronomaster. They don’t make many watches you want to buy, but I ended up with an AQ4020-03, and never want to take it off. Will try to link a pic.

  • Spare money for another watch?😁

    I might donate the saving to the wretches on the GCT so they can each have a framed picture of me to crank too when the rage engulfs them.

  • Tell me about it!

    My friend has that Citizen in white dial - it looks absolutely insane! Also one of the most accurate watches in the world, isn't it?
    The Grand Seiko, I think the Zaratsu is too much for me, I'm constantly conscious of the fact I have such a shiny thing and I don't like that feeling in the end. I think the idea of having a watch this shiny is lost on me. I do appreciate it still and I do love the brand, but this is just not for me. I am pretty sure I wouldn't feel the same if the watch wasn't hand finished somewhere by some guy with years of experience. In the end it's just a watch and I want to wear it, ideally - a lot. Maybe I'm just weird but that's how I feel.

  • It’s a crafter blue , especially for the sumo . Black hardware

  • Thanks! I shall check it out. Got a new strap for mine but the finish is a bit pony.

  • Tell you about it.., how long have you got?! I can’t replicate all the Google, but it’s just as lovely as a Grand Seiko, with less bling. It has all the zaratsu you can want, but the case is hardened Ti, so a little less shiny, and less prone to scratches. It’s accurate. I got mine in October, set it to Winter Time, and on the change to BST, it was 2 seconds out. Date is correct for the next 80 years. Mine’s on a cheap plastic sailcloth strap, so it gets scrubbed once a fortnight with a toothbrush under a tap. It’s as light as a feather, so you never think about it, unless you nerd on the internet. It’s made all my other watches redundant, and you can wear it anywhere, in any company, and it won’t stand out. It looks like a cheapish, solar powered quartz.

    No-one wants crown guards on a dress watch. Well they can feck off. If Rolex got their shit together, and made a modern 1016, it would be exactly like this.

  • 😂😂😂

  • I don’t care for the strap on that but that’s a great looking watch.

  • Yes, seemed VERY light when I tried it. Absolutely lovely finishing, my friend swears by it and I’m pretty sure it’s his favourite watch too.
    I am not quite sure what I’ll get next, I’m down to 3 “cheapish” watches for now and I want to enjoy them more.

  • Always a pleasant surprise when you surface here.


  • Tempted by this, currently $179 Aud - seems good value!

  • Also, have a desire for a white dialled "sporty" watch...not sure what style but ~38-40mm. Any suggestions? Budget - less than $1000. Or even less than $500 just to scratch an itch...

  • W&W had a review of the Lorier Falcon 2 the other day. Thought it’s nice and it comes in white. 36mm as well / though.

  • Thank you! Very helpful

  • Happy Friday forumers.
    Still wearing the Helson, got the customs charge yesterday, £16.20 VAT and £12 FedEx fee for the privilege.

  • I see, thanks. Do you have an example in mind of a watch where having the chrono running extends the power reserve? (I find it a bit counter intuitive but what do I know)

  • I’m going to have to google it, might take me some time, but there was one I distinctly remember reading about where that was the case. Think it might have been quite a high end manufacture like Patek, Vacheron or Lange.

  • https://robbreport.com/style/watch-colle­ctor/patek-philippe-evolves-split-second­s-chronograph-230288/

    There’s something about the Patek 5004 here that explains that they deliberately introduced drag on the minute hand when the chrono is stopped so that when the chrono is engaged, it exchanges that drag for the drag of the chrono mechanism, keeping amplitude consistent (and power drain the same). It’s not the article I was thinking of though.

  • Does anyone actually ever ‘engage the Chrono’?

    I sometimes time espresso shots that’s about it

  • I use the diving bezel quite often on my watch to time various things, if I had a chrono I'd use it I think. What got me thinking about that is that I thought I'd want one with an hour register to time long stuff, eg proving times when making bread. A slight alteration in the watch's characteristics might not be much over a few minutes, but over a few hours it could become noticeable.

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What time is it? Watches and horology

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