What time is it? Watches and horology

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  • The Omega homage bits are kiiinda naff.

  • It look a bit bulky (the dials, bezel etc.) like they’re trying to shoehorning all the bit in.

  • I had a blue Aquis Date. Great watch, great timekeper, excellent build quality. They wear small due to a really short lug to lug. Lots of value to be had on the second hand market too. I got mine on Chrono24, one of the newer ones with the pointier/ less leaf shaped hands.

  • Nice bike in the background. Looks like mine. Better not be... I am watching you @spunk_nautical

  • Haha I don't have the watch anymore but I still have the Mash!

  • Greetings folks,

    When I was looking for a watch to remember my father by I did my homework and asked a friend who repairs watches as to what to go for . I said I was going to look at rolex he told me that if you can't find one that suits go for Oris as they are excellent quality ....

    So big up all Oris owners ....

    Working from home today along with a few million others ...

    Peace and love to all,

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  • Summer

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  • Just added my watches to my Hiscox policy- £28,000 cover for £385/year, sound about right?

  • That's more than sum total of the contents on my policy 😂

    (not relevant but provided a procrastination chuckle)

  • I’m old and childless, so swings and roundabouts

  • I moved my insurance from Hiscox two years ago - they were so expensive and wouldn't negotiate on a renewal.

  • Most of the positive story I heard from them is that they’re easy to work with when claiming insurance, I guess that’s why they’re expensive?

  • That's what they would like you think, and that's how the they position themselves. Proof is in the eating. Personally I trust Halifax not to be complete cunts, so I went with them for 1/3 of the price for pretty much equal insurance but then again I don't have £28ks worth of watches.

  • I am with Hiscox.

    I've made 3 insurance claims in 25 years:

    1. More > Than for a £1,000 TV destroyed in an accident in 2010, replaced only after arguments by provision of a voucher that meant I had to purchase the like for like replacement through the Dixons group even though the equivalent was not available through them... so I had to downgrade
    2. Hiscox for a £10k bicycle (my Serotta) which was written off in a hit and run in 2016 (?). Hiscox paid cash in 2 working days on the house insurance policy after Cycle Fit confirmed the Serotta was not safe to ride, and this was in the Christmas to New Year gap, I was impressed
    3. Axa for the Volvo S90 that was damaged by concrete raining on it within the first few months of ownership in 2018, had to escalate to senior management and fight for 6-9 months before it was finally settled with them admitting fault throughout the process

    Hiscox was the only good experience, and it was beyond good... it was excellent. I was deeply shaken at the time, still healing and had trouble thinking of when I'd get back on any bike, and yet the Hiscox experience was just to go beyond the norm and pay out in full and in cash immediately.

    That was enough for me to have since expanded all my insurance to Hiscox, i.e. travel, etc... as I'd rather pay more for what happens when you need to make a claim.

  • If only they'd put a Ranger dial on a Black Bay 36, I'd be all over it...

  • I had Hiscox for home and contents as they covered high value bikes comprehensively. I used them twice for roof work (none of their appointed contractors were good) and their claims were no better and no worse than another company. In the end I halved my Hiscox premiums near enough as they had gone up consistently and again, refused to negotiate on renewal. I think they play on the 'high net worth' individual and customer service reputation and for paying out and yet they seemed to be not dissimilar to any other except you paid higher premiums.

  • Ah cheers. The blue Aquis date was pretty much what I was after.

    What size is that if you don't mind me asking? My wirsts are childlike (6.5") and was looking at the 41.5mm.

  • Hiscox for a £10k bicycle (my Serotta) which was written off in a hit and run in 2016 (?). Hiscox paid cash in 2 working days on the house insurance policy after Cycle Fit confirmed the Serotta was not safe to ride, and this was in the Christmas to New Year gap, I was impressed

    No wonder my insurance renewal was expensive if they are giving people £10k for old used push bikes. Christ.

    Tongue only slightly in cheek, I assume some of that was injury related.

  • and it had campag too 🤢


  • Mother of god

  • I've had my head turned from £100 G-Shocks

  • Pretty sure first direct gave me £30k for jewellery and watches for a similar annual premium.

    Or do you mean that's an additional £385pa on top of your current premium?

  • That’s additional to my existing premium, purely for the watch cover. I have no frame of reference as to what watch cover should cost tbh, but that felt expensive.

  • Yeah that sounds expensive to me. Maybe query it.

    Admittedly my eg was in a rented 1 bed flat and just what they offered. But did include bike cover away from the house (not that expensive a bike).

    That said my nice watch is still in storage because it didn't seem worth the additional on our AXA police - the extra with AXA was more than with the previous insurance.

    Tl;Dr different insurers offer different insurances.

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What time is it? Watches and horology

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