What time is it? Watches and horology

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  • I don't seem to be overwhelmed with fun options for a 22mm/18mm deployment clasp strap to fit my Targa Florio (CX2110), am I just looking in the wrong places?

    I'd like a green, dark green, navy or would even consider reds, oranges, yellows and ideally croc or perforated.

    Open to anything that isn't black or tan with coloured stitching though...

  • Image search ivory or cream dial watches. Straps tend to be a punchy dark brown. I'd start there.

  • Good old Vostok Amphibia. (Wrong date, but it is a highly annoying to set it.)

  • Really like the blue bay.. wouldnt mind one on a rubber strap..

  • Love these. Especially the orange racing dial version.

  • Nice! Apparently a very reliable movement and managed nearly 800 metres.

    Not very accurate sadly.

  • Nope. Not a precision tool.

    Just a tool.

  • I value a date window very highly.. this has become almost a deal-breaker since the watch would be daily wear and one of the two functions I need it to perform..

    Also.. with Moonwatch I feel that the price for new has jumped beyond where the watch was positioned previously.. so feels a bit like I’m arriving late and being fleeced. Then I go down the rabbit-hole of finding a birth-year model.. then I realise I’d be petrified of getting it wet.. which brings me back to

    Pelagos.. waterproof.. date..

    I have money for neither however so the decision is moot but I enjoy having the discussion with myself.

    tl;dr If either a 1979 Moonwatch or a LHD Pelagos comes your way let me know

  • It’s Friday again and my last on furlough. Back to the grind stone next week.
    What are you wearing today?

  • Seiko Boutique has the 1965 modern interpretations in now - except the ltd one.


  • This has been on my wrist since it arrived.
    Switched the strap back to the factory supplied rubber.
    Waiting on George's Straps to be delivered to see if any of those are preferable.

    Love the hex screw "spring" bars, much easier to swap straps (having never used qr straps)

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  • This hasn't left my wrist since I got it. So comfortable with the elastic strap, and the perfect size for me.

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  • Continuing Alpinist strap variation adventures

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  • Not sure about this strap, comes over a bit too beige rather than silver. Could be the lighting tbh.

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  • Day off today.

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  • strap... not sure what will look best

    Brown and alligator.

    Either chocolate or something with a more reddy(sp?) hue. See if you can find a gold Seiko buckle.

  • Love the farer gmt!

    Gardening today for me, so...

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  • Dress down over yesterday’s selection.

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  • That’s the new “bezel-less” version?

  • Diamond geezer

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  • Had this for ages but finally decided to remove some links. Make it wearable.

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  • Yep, SRPE55. The one that comes on a bracelet. The ones that come on a nato have a brushed face on the bezel instead of polished - subtle difference but worth being aware of.

  • Had this for ages but finally decided to remove some links. Make it wearable.


    Its just dawned on me this is a collar and pin...


    I've lost the damn collars....

    Thats been fun.

  • I like how much larger the dials appear without the bezel insert.

  • Sumo in the Surrey hills

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What time is it? Watches and horology

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