What time is it? Watches and horology

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  • Yeah, me too. It’s nice to have options though :-)

  • Where can I get "nice" NATO straps?

    I've a few cheap ones and a couple of Straton ones that came with a watch, and they are much nicer (thicker, softer, better hardware) than the cheapies.
    Most of their 22mm are unavailable, so looking for alternatives.
    Brass hardware a plus but not essential.

  • I guess it’s a personal thing. Some people claim that Phoenix NATO straps are the best ever, they feel extra cheap to me.
    I personally like Bark & Jack NATO’s or George’s straps (there’s few different types too) if I want more funky colours.

  • +1 for the George straps, great quality for the price and hardware is excellent

  • What was the reclaimed nylon or seat belt strap a few weeks ago?

    Like reclaimed parachute or canvas strap?

  • Cheers @PawG and @frankohara will check George out and probably grab a couple to try out.
    Price seems really good.

    Edit: ordered 3 straps, 1 each of french nylon, elastic and thick weave, less than £20 delivered.

  • I think the blue is best too although while it’s not my bag, it is great value.

  • This is lovely.

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  • Oh it is! I love the texture on the dial. One of a few watches that look really good with the “fauxtina.

  • I am seriously tempted to order one .......

  • Anyone add a nylon / nato watch strap to a Steinhart Ocean One? Is it even possible?

    I'm bored of the bracelet.

  • BB58 does look very good in blue, especially on the fabric strap

  • I had one of those stretchy £6 jobs on mine for a while - looked ok but I missed the bling and heft.

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  • I'd go rubber diver strap over Nato, personally.

  • Sure, mine is on a fake Erika strap. I much prefer this to the bracelet actually.

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  • Looks better than expected on here. Dial has an almost blue/grey shift in certain light.


  • Glad they've done it - nice watch - but I think the gilt still looks better. Would have been great with block markers though.

  • That's what quite a few are saying. Won't happen as it mixes up too many different elements though between the 58 and Pelagos. Think the sharp triangle marker of the 79090 / 79190 would have stepped it up a bit but won't happen for the same reasons.

  • Am I not the only one who thinks that Black Bay has really been done to death now ?

  • It was done to death two or three years ago!

  • Just counted 66 variations of the Black Bay on the Tudor site!

  • When bb58 was launched my phone caught fire with all the people emailing and calling . This one nothing so far.

  • I've had a black PVD hardware Zulu on my Ocean Black from day one, like it a lot...

  • Don't suppose you still have the link to these fake Erika straps? I've had a little gander but can't find it. Need an 18mm

  • WatchGecko (where I got mine) doesn't stock them anymore, but you can find them on etsy/ebay/ali-express. Look for "elastic Nato", "french Nato", "marine national strap", etc.

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What time is it? Watches and horology

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