What time is it? Watches and horology

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  • White gold yatchmaster for me...

  • I like it cos it reminds me of a POG slammer I had, that reflected oily rainbow colours around its edge...

  • All your grail watches are too obvious.

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  • Grail watches don't have to be solid gold

  • Grail watch ≠ guilty pleasure, but all those unique VCs made for Chinese billionaires probably qualify as both.

  • Richard Mille felt like the Grail watch on account for those who have huge wealth can obtain a custom one to the point it look like a G-Shock rip-off.

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  • I really like that

  • Yeah but look what happened to the Officer in Indiana Jones who felt the same. #justsayin

    My can't buy taste.

  • What watch would be your guilty pleasure?

    I know we've had this before but yes


    ^ because it's both spendy but not too spendy so it lures you in to actually wanting to drop £6k on obtaining it but you'll probably only get 1/2 of that back should you try to sell it and it's so niche

  • Bit like a Fifty Fathom.

    “Hi, I would like to drop more than a year salary on it please, thank you”.

  • @Stonehedge I’m with you on the rainbow Daytona. It’s so beautifully ridiculous also the amount of work requires for the stone cutting and matching is huge.

  • Rainbow Breit

  • it lures you in

    do it

  • Rainbow Day-Date for me, cheers.

  • Would you actually wear it though? Diamonds are a step too far for me.

  • Schtaaahp

    I'm waiting for the Great Depression of 2020-2024 to kick in and I'll be able to get one for £300

  • Thank you! Its also a watch where a replica, even if it costs £20k, just won't do.

  • Pretty much any Breitling is a guilty pleasure, for me anyway. Quite like these, and the Navitimers, as previously discussed.

    God that's a poor photo. Sorry.

  • For me I think it might be what @inchpincher terms a "sofa watch". I'd never buy one, obvs. Even as an obnoxious lottery win watch I think a "plain" gold Day-Date would be more on point.

    I just like that it's basically my OP36 but x 1,000,000,000.

    A kind assistant removed a pavé dial Yacht-Master from the case once because my 8-y-o son was being sweet and asked nicely. The sparkle coming off it was just absurd. I don't even know what context things like that work in, outside of red carpet / Monaco poolside / millionaire charity dinners / who knows. Hm, guess I answered my own question there.

  • . I don't even know what context things like that work in, outside of red carpet / millionaire charity dinners / who knows.

    Trackie bs and birkenstocks trudging around Asda.

  • because that's been my steeze during lockdown.

  • I don't even know what context things like that work in

    In a dealer's display cabinet, or in a safe then (or) as some kind of money laundering / tax evasion device.

  • I think you guys are missing the point. To own that Daytona you would have to have zero fucks to give. So by even asking these questions you are proving that you are not worthy to own it.

  • That rainbow Daytona is fugly. Doesn't anyone notice this? I feel like i'm taking crazy pills.

  • Nope. U is right.

    Money does not give you the right to let your standards drop. imo.

    It just allows you freedom.

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What time is it? Watches and horology

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