What time is it? Watches and horology

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  • I had thought they did some new faces inc a cream one ?

    They do. The original green is from the Alpinist line. The green was the OG I believe, uses the 6R15 movement, but they did do a cream variant at some point in the 14 year run, and a blue version late in production which was possibly a Hodinkee thing. They were £300 watches.

    They killed the whole line off a few years ago but then merged it in to Proxpex and re-released it earlier this year. The new one has a date cyclops and comes in a few different variants with a see through case back.

    Spendier at £650.

    Does it actually work as a compass?

    If you know the time and position of the sun you can set the direction with it, so yes I guess.

  • All part of the watches journey... 🤢

  • There’s a black and a cream dial one, but the black one has different markers (instead of the Arabic numerals).

    Edit: didn’t see the new page. 🙄

  • Ponied up for one from Bulang and Sons ones and also order the Discommon watch roll.

  • I’ve been having a search for those four/six soft cases too and been coming up blank, nothing under £200 other than the cheap copies on eBay.
    Seen these Discommon recommended but you’ve got some nice watches ‘loins, spring for one of the ACM ones.

    Edit: sorry, bit late now.

  • If I don’t like the Bulang sons one I’ll send back and go for ACM. You’d think there would be a market for a nice plain leather watch case around the £100 mark

  • Are any of you Halios owners ?
    I ordered the bronze cone but returned it , new ones are out soon .
    I’m not sure about them now , up to the hype , or just lucky with that seaforth ?

  • Thoughts on the Bamford GMT?

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  • Ugly watch

  • Imo. Bit like Bremont. Just doesn't cut it. 😜

  • When I form a negative opinion based on a render I end up liking the watch in person more often than not.

    I'll sit on the fence until I actually see one.

  • Hoodwinkee did a piece on it with some proper pics. Personally I find the design a bit bland and the bracelet looks really cheap, but then it is cheap, so...

  • What do you chaps think would be a good price for that NOS GMT?

  • Good question.
    How much is a new one inc of premium?
    You’d get a better bracelet and clasp in my opinion plus a warranty of 5? Years and maybe not have to fork out for a service soon .

  • You'd (be able to buy) a new one for the same as the NOS 2007 is being advertised for, just shy of 15k.

    NOS 2007 Coke at £14,950

    2019 Pepsi at £14,460

  • The current model is available for a range of prices around the 15k figure, IIRC they're ~7,500 new.

  • I hate to say it mate, but if after all these months of deliberating and debating prices on a cycling forum you still haven't bitten the bullet:

    a) You don't like the watch as much as you think you do


    b) You can't really afford it.

    If you like the watch and you're the sort of playah who can dump £15k on a bit of jewellery , then find one and buy the fucking thing. Surely a few grand either way isn't a deal breaker for a watch that you'll wear for life if you're even able to begin to consider that sort of outlay?

  • b) You can't really afford it.

  • Golf clubs at dawn?

  • Probably largely option (a), I quite like the watch, but I can't begin to pretend that I've thrown myself into the search for the right one.

    I had a scan on eBay for the first time since Christmas at the start of the week which turned up the NOS one.

    One of the reasons I'd not really been engaging with the search is that I'd pretty much come to the conclusion that it was going to be 10-12k for a watch in a variable state of wear, and I just couldn't get excited about that.

    If the Watch Centre one is genuinely NOS then that does change things, to a certain extent.

    WRT (b) - I'm not going to pretend that I drop 15k on lunch like it's nothing, much as my legions of fans in the GCT would love to tell you otherwise, it's a sum of money I'd notice. Which feeds into (a), if it was less money I'd be more enthusiastic.

    As you put it, a few grand either way isn't a show stopper, but equally who wants to pay over the odds for something? Hence asking here, as it'd be nice to have a realistic target for a negotiation, if I like the watch when I go and try it on.

  • Fair dos mate. Wasn't intending to cast aspersions on your financial situation, just think that you should just find one in good shape and buy it. Good ones are rare and you're not going to find a bargainous price.

  • I guess it’s worth what it gets sold for .
    Which is more than it’ll be worth after you’ve worn it .
    How long after you’ve worn it will be worth the same as a ‘used’ one ?
    Because once it’s not NOS it’s just used and 2007... an new one will still be 2019 /20 plus warranty etc.
    You’ll never know if you paid over the odds unless it’s an auction I guess , but you may WAY over the odds for a mint ( once it’s not NOS) 2007 GMT

  • The shop in question has others, I could compare condition and price.

    I will say that I'm not excited about a GMT in the way I was and still am about my Tintin.

  • Then don't do it.

    That's how I felt about my bi-metal Sub. Too much money for something you don't want to yentz.

  • But, I want a GMT, and I want a "proper" one, and it's therefore (I believe) a GMT Master II, or the Tudor.

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What time is it? Watches and horology

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