What time is it? Watches and horology

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  • This is fucking rank. What a let down. When Rolex were looking into making mods illegal, this is why!

  • Yep, using 90's subs. He's also mentioned doing other editions with other Rolex sports models... *pukesoncock

    *edit @Regal said it best

  • Sorry, out at the moment or I'd get some better photos. It's a great peice but I will probably end up selling it at some point. It's just too tall for my feeble sized wrists.
    I've tried it a few times and think if I'm doubting it this much I'm not gonna give it the love it deserves.
    The colour is excellent! I'm not usually drawn to green watches but the green hue against the gilt hands is great.
    I'm gonna see what tudor release this year for Basel and if there's something I really like I'll probably move it on. I did have the BB58, everything about that size wise was great but for me I felt that it had something missing. If they bring that out in a green I might be set!
    I waited pretty much bang on six months.

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  • The three different orientations of numerals in close proximity (40/40/20, 16/20/20) looks particularly awkward.

    Agree. But the for me the pro's outweighed the cons. 11mm thick is great, ETA movement, swiss made. Saphire crystal, affordable and not another seiko ( i already have too many).

    Things I'd change for the Glycine - remove the 24 hour numerals from dial, brush finish the side of the case, not polished and no polished hands. Oh and, the logo, that's no good. For the price, I'm happy. Will be a great everyday water capable watch.

  • Looks great I love the green. Just not sure about the gilt. BB58 definitely has too much gold going on for me. Like you say, see what happens at Basel. Tried on a mates hulk around New Years and wasn’t feeling it. It’s a beautiful thing but way too flashy, like most of their current sports watches. I much prefer the Tudor vibe. 6 months isn’t so bad, I am also considering the GMT. I think I have the wrists to pull off these chunky bois.

  • It was in Bologna .. some really nice stuff

  • I tried a mates GMT and it actually sat better in my opinion. It looked thinner case height wise to me for sure. Then I realised they chamfered the sides on the GMT and the crown is also embossed too. I also think that due to the date complication the dial sits higher in the case and there is less height between the edge of the bezel and the dial, which I also liked.

    The gilt finishing also looks more rose than in my images, its less yellow gold than they show. It suits it as well, I think you'd potentially like it more in the flesh.

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  • Yes that does look thinner. Think I am set on the harrods though (your pictures helped thanks). I like the GMT but I think the hour markers are too small and out of proportion. Let’s see if I can get on the list.

  • No problem!

  • Anyone here that owns a seiko srpb55? My brother is thinking of buying one and I have no experience with them.


  • Great comment on the latest talking watches. Horology House Youtube channel is now back online??

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  • Mad that it is back online. Comments off. Prick.

  • Ha, not on some older videos though. I was looking at the OP 39mm white and his video popped up, then I realised his content was back online. You can comment on that video though and a few others.

  • I got an email that this Timex Batman (automatic) was available at 16:00 and when I wanted to order one at 18:00 they were already out of stock again....

  • Batman 🦇 seems to be a good sales ploy. #justsayin

  • G-Shock Thursday!

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  • Can we see some more pelagos lhd pics?

  • Probably going straight on eBay as well.

  • yes... pretty annoying. They are already listed for double the retail price

  • Yummy. Added to Seikos that I liejlk. (less than 5) 😎

  • I actually did not like it that much, at first. Not with the bracelet, nor the rubber. But that mocha NATO strap seems to make it a lot better.

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What time is it? Watches and horology

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