What time is it? Watches and horology

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  • £5.40 watchgecko Erika

    Apologies for lack of plectrum

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  • If this is the way we're going.. The knife is amazing. Had it for years now and keep it razor sharp, always comes in handy.

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  • Just grabbed a Pelagos LHD at Heathrow.

    Stupid price rise added £200 to it.

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  • Why all the knives ?
    I’ve never needed one in an urban environment this i can recall

  • Nice leather pouch .. is there a selvedge connection too

  • Link to the watch strap please?

  • Why all the knives ?

    Bit weird isn't it.

  • Weird masculinity/boy scout thing innit.

  • I was going to agree, but then I realised I've got some sort of knife at work, at home, and on my motorbike. Other than commuting by train I usually have one close by.

    I won't post mine as the composition will be fucked up by a million tissues, that have lived in every pocket since October.

  • Speaking frankly, home and office penknives main use is maintenance of nails and facial hair.

  • Have you got a LH watch on your left wrist?

  • Yes. It's nice.

    Don't really care about the lefty stuff, but figured that it's another nice point of difference from my BB58

  • Cheers mate. Yeah it's sold by Rivetandhide in London and they're mainly Japanese/USA selvedge etc. They have some very nice stuff :)
    Tbh I just keep the knife in my BRP bag and when it needs used it's there. Can't ever go wrong having one abou with you, never know when it's needed. I got nail clippers at home ;)

  • I've had a Swiss Army Knife in my pocket pretty much every day for the past 30 years.

    Mind you, this is how I dress at the weekend:

  • I've had a SAK in my pocket for the last 3 years, unless I'm flying.
    Mainly for nails, opening boxes or as hoc screw driver needs.

    Couldn't imagine not having one on me.

  • Fair enough. Just wondered.

    I wore a my watch on my right for most of my life and never found it an issue.

  • It's the one @umop3pisdn posted a couple of months ago. This was the link, though it now redirects to a different strap.

    Should you see one you like, use the code WATCHGECKO for 10% off.

  • I have one of these on my keyring. Useful but not that knifey. I would say that scissors are way more useful than a knife

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  • I guess its just down to habits.

    I don't really feel the need to carry a tool to clean my fingernails on my person.

    I open a lot of boxes at home and at work but have tools to do that at those locations anyway.

    I take a knife with me when ski touring, climbing, camping etc etc but only really use it for cutting my lunch up.

    I did find myself in a situation where I came across a deer that had been run over and left for dead with multiple open fractures etc and was glad to be carrying a knife to euthanize it. I only had a knife with me that was suitable to do that through coincidence though, wouldn't carry one routinely for that.

    I guess it boils down to whether you're somebody who likes to feel prepared with a knife in their pocket or somebody who gets irritated by having redundant stuff in the pockets. I only know one person in the UK who routinely carries a knife and uses it every day and that is my farmer friend who uses it to open animal feed sacks.

  • Who the fuck carries a pen tho?

  • American office workers.

    In their short sleeved shirt pocket.

    Tucked into kackeeeez.

  • I carry a knife, and a multitool (Gerber Dime) on my keychain. Have one of them micro Olight torches with the keys, too.

    I don’t know. I seem to constantly need to clean my knife, but I can’t remember the last time I needed a pen. Could well be I tend to utilize the knife every chance I get, but if I had to choose it’d be the pen I ditch.

  • Fuck I've done it again.

    I have a thin, light Cross ballpoint that lives in my suit jacket and when I was travelling I carried one of these zebra mini expandz (which are fucking amazing)


    But generally in my free time I don't.

  • I have a space pen in my pocket most days.
    And a comb.

  • I wish I needed a comb... 👴

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What time is it? Watches and horology

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