What time is it? Watches and horology

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  • retro casio

  • Shocking

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  • The old El Luminous today.

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  • Daisy Chain...

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  • Ending the week with this

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  • One post to late ... my daily :


  • I like that CW...

    Bronze is such a wicked material for watches.

  • Enter your text here...what's the bulge on the left??? Altimeter and thermometer? Its spaceship shaped.

  • Filthy pink

    Does yours have pink undersides on the links?

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  • haha. Yeah, it's the sensor.
    Perhaps they were that massive back in 1991.
    Pic of the grill and mesh. It's a 'fun' looking watch :)

  • Love the Casios

  • The underside of the strap is pink. Much pink.

  • Keepin it G.

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  • Steel and gold Friday .......

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  • And the monsters out of the safe once more......

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  • Looks like an old school CJ5/7 jeep grill - I like it

  • Railmaster on racing strap at work on the railways. That's the approach to Kings Cross on the blurred map. And it was a.m.

  • Also on a breitling tip today.

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  • Anyone got the Timex Q reissue and willing to share their opinion.?

  • This iteration of the seamaster is very appealing ! Opinion on it ? Or maybe a small review ?

    @ejay2.0 what a beast, I really love the old Ploprof 600. Would love to get one, but maybe a bit big for my wrist..

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  • Got the chance to get this from my AD just before Christmas, really love it, but I have the 16610LV in mind..

    I prefer the 5 digit case over the Maxi, here with a 14060M on the wrist

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  • Flipping love a Top Time.

  • It’s been my first ever serious watch purchase so I’m no position to write a review really that stretches beyond phrases like: “I think it’s really pretty”

    Originally I was looking for a Speedmaster as I fell in love with the model from the first time I saw it.

    Walking passed a shop in Manchester however, on my birthday of all days, I noticed this Seamaster in the window. Price was a bit over budget but I reckoned it couldn’t hurt to have a closer look. So I did, tried it on, absolutely loved it and I made him an offer he could have easily refused as I was lowballing it. He initially told me it didn’t come with box and papers which in the end was incorrect as he simply misplaced them. So here I am, having bought myself a lovely birthday present for a price that I was quite chuffed with. I’ve had it since September, I’d still be interested in getting a Speedy simply because I want one but by no means will it replace the Seamaster. I’ve had 4 or 5 people asking about the watch whilst wearing it which is a nice compliment to get really. So far, very happy with the purchase and it’s a great looking watch both on the bracelet and on leather.

  • Looks great. I would like a Seamaster to complement my Speedmaster. I just wish I had the opportunity to wear it more often.

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What time is it? Watches and horology

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