What time is it? Watches and horology

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  • This watch has stopped working. It was fine for a few years after I bought it but started running slow and then stopped. I've changed the battery a few times but that hasn't fixed it. Is it potentially fixable for a reasonable amount (I don't think the watch cost much more than £100)?

  • You’re probably flattening the battery when you install it. It you touch both terminals for any length of time you will short it enough to deplete the battery.

    Where are you getting your batteries from?

  • I’ve tried a speedmaster reduced in royal watch exchange and it looked tiny compared to the "normal" speedmaster next to it. Case size is 38mm. Felt quite light too.

    Also saw the Sinn 356 mentioned whilst looking up the BigEye, looks like another option for a smaller chronograph (though it’s quite tall).

  • Everyone talking about titanium and other exotic metal wedding rings should be careful.

    If you hurt your finger and it swells up and you can’t take it off it’s very hard to remove.

    ie angle grinder and an hour or more. This is why we only sell gold and platinum.

    I know ti is all space age and cool but you could end up losing a finger.

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  • Yep, see @dbr:

    Google 'degloving' if you've got a strong stomach.

    Was advised against white gold by my jeweler as the rhodium plating would wear off over time.

  • what about a pelagos

  • I’m actually looking at the BigEye as a Speedmaster alternative :-)
    Sinn looks good and probably fits great at 38.5mm but yeah, 15mm tall.
    The Longines seem to tick a lot of boxes for me but I’d like to know the dimensions before I go looking for one.

  • The Omega Boutique gave me the strap for free. It had a price tag of £185 on it, however.

    £190 today, a bit of wriggle room, he said £170. It's still in the showroom.

    Any thoughts on Meyhofer quick fit straps. Have one on my Garmin, seem secure.

  • I probably got them from the imaginatively named https://www.watchbattery.co.uk/

    The last battery was fitted by Alsal who are probably a bit less hamfisted than me.

  • These fireman had loads of fun, the guy who’s ring was being cut off less so.

    Ended up with some burns and nerve damage on his finger. Even though they were cooling it with ice and water during.

  • It's tall. Whereas a Grand Seiko is 13mm and hugs the wrist, this 15mm feels like 15mm. Very tall indeed.

  • https://youtu.be/Dq8_kai8G5Q

    Been watching 'Just One More Watch' about the cheap 'homage' of a Daytona and a sub.

    $63 for what looks like a well made watch... Insane really...

    I'm not justifying buying a 'fake' but this is interesting.

    Sapphire crystal
    Seiko movement

  • Hummm. Ok sorry, I’m not sure what to suggest then. Does it run for any time at all on a new battery?

  • Can people advise on the undone watches if they are worth the money I really like this but don't know enough about the mechanics if it's worth the cash.


  • I think it looks good. Movement is a Seiko so can't go wrong. No idea bout build quality rich gangsta.

  • Cool might give it a go as I really like the simple design will try to do some more digging round the Internet for reviews and stuff.

  • My only issue is in its name. I'm a fan of well made micro brands. But come on, stupid names... Mvmnt... Undone... Just screams TRYING TO HARD

    Have a normal name. Magtetta or Smith or Helson

  • At least its not called unwound. Name doest bother me to much but now you have said it I can't unsee it at the bottom of the dial.

  • Looks great to me, tempted but looks too much like ALL MY OTHER FUCKING WATCHES!!!! 😂😂😂

  • Never stopped you, sweetie... 😘🖤

  • I'm just waiting for the murdered out Undone X Tonslen collab. Murdered out memes as a timepiece. So hot right now.

  • I'm a little extra I agree.

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What time is it? Watches and horology

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