What time is it? Watches and horology

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  • Well now I don't know which answer you commented on... I tried a Ninja edit...

    I've managed to get the date to move using the time set position but not on the date adjustment position. I've tried again incase it was me but still no luck.

    And I'm assuming you are referring to clockwise and anti clockwise....

  • The two things I suggested are:

    Pull crown to first position, try turning it both ways.

    Pull crown all the way out and advance time past midnight and see if it changes. This isn't how you're supposed to change date but is useful for knowing what's wrong in the movement.

    Sounds like you've tried both.

  • Lovely watch. It was hovering around my list before I bought my Sinn. It will be nice once you get it all sorted.

  • Just making sure... you’re not trying to quick-set the date with the hour hand in the top half of the dial, are you...?

    (For the benefit of anyone reading who isn’t aware... the date change mechanism is often engaged between roughly 9pm and 3am so trying to quickset the date with the hour hand in the top half of the dial risks damaging the movement.)

    (Also, re advancing the date manually - I tend to do this every time I set the date. If you quick-set the date to the day before the current date, then advance the time until it clicks over to the right date, you know that the watch is set to AM. Or PM if you keep advancing the time, of course. This prevents having the date change at midday by accident.)

  • Nope .... But it didn't matter as the date didn't move at all. Complication was not engaged.

  • has it changed how/when you wear your watches?

  • Not at all, it was an assembling error by Steinhart.

  • But interestingly, the date has ticked over overnight on its own.

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  • Yes, that's what you'd expect if the date advances when you advance it past midnight manually.

    Means it's probably a minor fault with the keyless works.

    I'd offer to fix it myself but you need to remove hands and detach the dial to do the work and I'm dog shite at doing that. The actual repair is easy enough.

  • I really like that, chronographs are a total anachronism, obvs, but we've already had that argument... Nice dude bangle...

  • anachronism

    It's the equivalent of a desk diver perhaps?

    Cheers - It's a beautiful watch. For me, it's a perfect 42mm but it is a quiet a tall watch but it's expected as its a eta chronograph movement.

    There is a smaller 40mm in reverse black on white but that would've been to small for me. But others might appreciate it more.

  • Had this for a while and then i sold it. size was good but the lugs sat too weird on my wrist. it just didn't "hug" the wrist like lets say Panerai. i think if they had gone with a manual wind so the caseback wasn't so big it would be better. 40mm wore the same as well

  • Sheffield window browsing/dreaming. AD window was barren but quite a few box and papers offerings in a random jeweller

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  • Sheffield window browsing/dreaming. AD window was barren but quite a few box and papers offerings in a random jeweller

    There is a Browns near me in Leeds, they always have a similar display to this, when i look they are always less than chrono24

  • awesome. need one of those

  • Might need a pocket watch to complete a Peaky Blinders fancy dress for NY. (Yeah. I know...)

    I don't want to spend a lot but it would be nice to add to the collection. Doesn't have to be authentic but look the part.

    Any recommendations?

  • I have a cheap one from China I got for the Tweed Run from aaaaages ago. I'll PM you a pic later. Alternatively a £5 from China on eBay will get you something perfectly suited for a single use. I think H Samuel and Argos will carry an option as well

  • I picked up a Smiths pocket watch off eBay for £20 for a wedding a few years back.
    Was the loudest thing I've ever heard. Had to wrap it in socks and store it in a cupboard until the charge dissipated.

    Sold it for a profit a few months after.

    Doesn't help with your request, sorry

  • Anyone got a Christopher Ward 20mm Vintage Oak Leather Strap (Camel/Steel) laying around? They are out of stock and I've been scanning eBay with no luck for quite a while now...


  • Anyone reassure me that I'm not going mental but I saw a green Aqua Terra today and it looked really nice but I can't find it online anywhere???? Anyone know the reference??

    Also, Seiko Presage brand new, £230 delivered. Need to free up funds for Christmas.

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  • Preowned but unworn sapphire sandwich speedmaster professional warranty dated May 2019 with the gargantuan box rrp £4610
    Bargain at £3500 if anybody needs one in their lives.

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  • I’ve got one in the back of a drawer at home. I’ll send you a photo tonight if you’d be interested?

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What time is it? Watches and horology

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