What time is it? Watches and horology

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  • love the watch, hate that disproportionate small seconds hand.

  • I worked in Nairobi on and off for 2 years. We had a security induction where we were specifically advised to not wear high value watches or anything else that would make you an attractive target for mugging.

    Enjoy Kenya - it's a wonderful country with wonderful people just take common sense precautions.

  • My wife was working in Mauritania and Senegal recently. She drew a lot of attention, particularly in Mauritania, for wearing a £75 pair of Nikes. Pretty certain a fancy watch would have been much worse.

  • @Stonehedge

    day and month hands have come off your Ingersoll :( Ansel they cant do anything, do you want it back to fiddle with?

  • Missed this, sorry. I think you’re in the same boat as me with small wrists and at the limit of adjustment, the straps are just a bit long.
    In terms of hooking onto the buckle it’s just a matter of technique, I lift the bottom corner of the buckle with a finger on the hand that’s holding the hook.

  • Anyone interested in a Presage Cocktail Time??

    Getting bored of eBay time wasters.

  • For Sale.

    Tudor Black Bay 79220 (Smiley red pip)

    Light usage marks, new Tudor bracelet (Cost me £500), Rubber B strap (cost me $250), unused Tudor NATO, original leather strap, box and papers.

    I'm very happy to sell it on here for less than I would get on eBay, just to know its going to a good home.

    Any interest at £2850? Equiv of eBay final seller fees donated to forum...

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    • 20191127_163338.jpg
  • eBay time wasters.

    Urgh. My fave are the ones who bid in the last minute then ‘change their minds’.

  • I really like this

  • The lowball offer specialists coming in with £150 🙄

  • Forum black “Friday” specials
    Planet ocean olympics limited edition 339/2018 £5570 now £4500
    And seamaster 300 £4700 now £3800

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  • New auto Timex is super nice. 25% off with Black Friday code too.

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  • Timex continuing to smash it.

  • Nice - what 25% code is it?

    edit - nvm, it's the main Timex website.


    edit - i have to add extra text so @Velocio doesn't edit my post to lowercase.

  • That is a really good price for the "collectable" Black Bay with those extra bits, i'd be all over that if i didn't have a smiley.

    Do you think the red-backed Rubber B would suit the blue bezel BB (and if so, any interest in selling that separate from the package)?

  • I think you will regret selling that in time .

  • Possibly, although that depends on how much I like the replacement.

    If anybody is on the fence about buying it, I'll probably put on eBay on Monday if no takers.

  • I love the open worked lugs.

    It's called Timex Giorgio Galli S1 if anybody's interested

  • Doesn’t work on the S1.

  • That Timex looks nicely designed but it’s 41mm. Bit silly.

  • Yup

    Should be 46mm maybe 48mm

  • Actually I just bought a 42mm time and date watch, so I can STFU.

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What time is it? Watches and horology

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