What time is it? Watches and horology

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  • Ha! Well, “fucked” is a bit strong. It’s clearly been polished (look at the crown guards), probably several times, but then they nearly all have. Rolex do it as a matter of course as part of a service, whether you ask for it or not, and even if you ask them not to. For one not to have been polished requires either an owner never having had it serviced, it having been left in a drawer for decades, or the owner going out of their way to have it serviced independently. This is why genuinely unpolished ones are rare - and to be honest, most people don’t care anyway.

    The oyster case is kind of designed to be polished, really.

  • Does the level of polishing impact your 8.5-9k valuation?

  • Please do not mistake me for any kind of authority on Rolex prices. :)

    I don’t know what these watches are changing hands for. If you’re asking me, personally, does it affect what I would pay for it, then yes, it does, because I, personally, wouldn’t buy one that had been polished like that.

  • Which means that you'd be holding out for one that has been serviced by an independent since new?

  • Just buy the fecking thing.

  • Or at least polished less and/or a little more sympathetically.

    This is all completely moot though, I probably wouldn’t spend that sort of money on that sort of watch even if I had the folding, as much as I love a GMT I’d lean towards something new.

  • Lol, this as well.

  • -

  • oooh nearby too, will check it out

  • I guess the question is are you buying for investment or everyday wear?

  • Dammit's valuation service...

    Regal, charge him £50 a pop...

  • He's buying it to flip it

  • love that model, if you ever consider selling drop me a line :)

  • For 2020 I'm going to try to evict the phone from the bedside table.

    Therefore I'll need an alarm clock - who has seen an interesting alarm clock?

  • I’ve seen one. Pic to follow

  • This

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  • That’s nice
    But I went round and round trying to decide. Tried several on over a number of visits and am decided on this one.

    Hopefully have a special event to celebrate in the next couple of months to provide an excuse 🙏

  • Name it Omega if it's a boy and Rolex if it's a girl.

  • I think Zenith and Panerai sound more like 2019 children's names.

  • On the polishing, it's funny how fixated people get over crisp lugs, but yet floppy brackets are never mentioned.

  • If you wear it at all and don't want scratches you are going to have to have it polished. Personally I've never let mine be polished but the marks from wear don't bother me.

    I had the GMT opened by Rolex to remove some tiny fibres when it was nearly new, the watchmaker who did it at the London Rolex office put me right about never polishing it when I asked if it could benefit from it.

    To me it looks like a pretty honest job to create a scratch free finish, the sides look ok. I would be disappointed if Rolex sent mine back polished like that on the clasp though, it seems to be too fine a grit from the photos.

  • Before you evict it...

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What time is it? Watches and horology

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