What time is it? Watches and horology

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  • F.O.Sachi tracksuit, gold AP.

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  • Stupid uploads won't upload

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  • They look will £500ish

  • Ronnie Wood has individually hand painted 47 limited edition watch dials whilst being on tour with Rolling Stones, a nod to the year he was born, 1947.

    Wonder what he did wrong to deserve that as punishment.

  • 12% royalty gets him about £200k. Not bad.

  • Was out with some Japanese suppliers with work and one of the young engineers had a lovely GMT on. Dark blue/navy bezel and drilled lugs. Anyone know what reference it would be and if that is a stock bezel? Chatting to him about it, he keeps a close eye on how GMT prices are rising but it was nice to see him wearing it

  • 1675 blueberry?

  • Where is this? 😊

  • If its the reference that they call the Blueberry, nobody can currently confirm if this was an offical Rolex release. Ben from Hodinkee discusses it breify on a Talking Watches episode. I hope it is legit as it's one of my favorites.

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  • Tudor just put the prices up, Swatch group getting on it as well but seems like a huge increase for the overall value?!

    I swear this used to be priced at £400??

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  • Yep. Used to be £395 I think.

  • I suspect the may have tried to wait out the FX change but have decided it's about time to bump up the prices.

  • I would think so - they can't change prices with each FX fluctuation as it'd drive their resellers nuts, so they have to make changes infrequently that will account for what they believe is coming.

    So I imagine we've got two things here - catching up with how far the pound has sunk, and also hedging against/predicting it will be sinking further.

  • They’ve gone up in price in the U.S., too, so not just the pound sinking that’s affecting it.

  • The USD took quite a big hit against the euro between 2016 and 2018

  • All this previous talk of GMT watches... I don't get the appeal of the classic Rolex models but something on the weekend caught my eye. A longines conquest VHP GMT... Looked good in the window and seems to be technically interesting and useful.

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  • They're not to my taste but they feel great in the hand.

  • Also, walked past the mont blanc store, they have some very nice looking watches.

  • The Longines or the Rolex? The Longines certainly look nicely finished, but yeah, they are not 100% aesthetically. Mind you, my GMT searching pulled up some cheap citizen promaster versions which have the nice ugly but functional look... Would probably buy them instead.

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  • The longines. They punch above their weight for the money.

  • Tried the Panerai Due 42mm on this weekend - it’s really lovely but I think if I’m gonna go Panerai then I’m gonna go 44mm. So I’ve decided on a Luminor Marina PAM01058 and will swap out steel bracelet for leather/suede

  • Amidst this talk of GMTs I've decided my favourite dual time watch is my Casio.

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  • Assistant in Fraser Hart reckoned there’s another Rolex price rise coming before the end of the year.

    Had a nose at this, it’s a nice shade of blue.

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What time is it? Watches and horology

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