What time is it? Watches and horology

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  • It really is, he canes it at Zandvoort or ‘Ring every weekend. Totally living vicariously through him now. Anyway, car thread >>>

  • Ah man, did a proper post on this but it got lost, anyway TL/DR version

    1. I totally get where you're coming from re the whole Rolex being annoying thing and not wanting to be part of the madness.
    2. If the Tudor is off the menu because it would remind you that you wanted, but could not buy, a Rolex, isn't that going to be true of any other non-Rolex watch?
    3. You be crushing on a Rolex GMT, yo. It's like the cool person you fancied at school / uni/ work who wouldn't talk to you :)
    4. I'd prefer a Tudor GMT to a Rolex GMT, but I'm weird.
  • ^ as above, if you really want a Rolex GMT, the options seem to be to either get something similar, that will be sold at a loss in the near future, and you'll buy a Rolex.
    Or buy something not similar, so when you cave and pay over the odds/ grey market/ somehow jump to the top of the list and get the GMT you will have an alternative for days you want something different.

    I recommend the FrankenDiesel on previous pages, you'll never get bored of looking at that thing.

  • The Diesel is a bold choice for sure. It will definitely not remind anyone of a Rolex (maybe a Richard Mille).

  • Or this treasure?
    Dual time, compass and thermometer.

  • Is this through a UK stockist ?
    And yes people buying to flip are the reason GMT are twice retail.
    I would be surprised if they don't retain warranty card.

  • it's like someone's punched through an instrument panel

  • Agreed. Is there a reason you want a GMT or do you want a Rolex GMT?

    Personally if I wanted a GMT I'd buy a Grand Seiko. But then I can't really imagine a modern day situation where the functionality of a GMT is required. For context I travel a lot and use a radio controlled G-Shock mtg if I'm on business - accurate and inconspicuos. Is there a reason for rolex GMT other than the potential rise in value?

  • No. Little Switzerland in the Caribbean, I believe. My colleague and I are in New York. You can save a fair chunk of cash buying through the Caribbean as they don't charge US Sales Tax - which is 8.875% in the state of New York.

  • Right back at you! Never been late for a meeting yet (could take this to the golf club if necessary).

  • Came across this at work. Nice book .

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  • Would they not charge the tax on import like VAT here?

  • Officially, yes, but lots of stuff gets through even above the threshold. Officially it’s an $800 tax free limit. Some items it’s $2500. But he’s ordered from them several times and not been taxed.

  • for clarity, that's evasion, not avoidance.

  • cool

  • tell him yeh

  • anyone in the market for one of these bad boys? PM ;)

    Manufactured Mar 16
    Purchased Oct 16

  • Without sounding frank, what's the issue with waiting?? If a Rolex GMT is really what you want and it's a brand that's way more likely to appreciate than most, then surely that answers all your questions. There's always going to be a wait regardless, most times it's quicker than people quote and it will make you feel that much more excited when the time comes.
    If it was for a specific occasion like a special birthday or anniversary then that's slightly different.

  • Disrespected speedy... New G-Shock got delivered today. So light, so comfy. Will be perfect for riding/surfing... Could probably even take it to the moon....

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  • Who needs a Speedy when you can have an All Saints homage ?

  • On the tube yesterday stood next to a chap flashing a hint of what looked like a
    PP Grand Complication Triple Grand Complication. For sure the swankiest watch I've seen in the flesh and it looked 👌.
    If I start saving now my great, great, great grandchild might be able to have one...

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What time is it? Watches and horology

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