What time is it? Watches and horology

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  • He's concerned he won't be able to get rid of the Milgauss. But he'd be buying the GMT to flip, anyway.

    Didn't mean to reply to Regal. Oops.

  • It's currently "in" as it fades/ develops patina/more trad.

    Long term who knows what people will go for.

    Best to pick what you like best.

  • Tell him he’s a cunt.

    People buying GMTs to flip is the whole reason we’re in this mess.

  • Re appreciating in value. Long term I'm sure a Rolex GMT is a good bet. But right now it's peak GMT fever, after a great stock market run, a good 10yrs after the last recession, not long before Brexit is going to be implemented, with a nutter in the White House.

    For those reasons I'd be hesitant to pay a premium for something that I wanted to see a return on.

    It's a funny situation though - we (may) be about to inflict 2008 on ourselves, but no-one else is going to get hit.

    I suspect we'd see significant arbitrage keeping prices in the UK up for valuable/luxury goods (to an extent) with foreign demand, especially as our currency flounders.

    Cars are somewhat protected due to RHD/LHD, but I've spoken to a couple of German chaps who said that for e.g. a GT3-RS at ten grand under the market would make them happy to get into the wrong side of the car.

  • I think that Brexit would dump the UK very rapidly into the desired RW situation, rich protected, poor proper fucked with the protections that have been brought into place during the EU years stripped away, including health care.

    Want your family to have healthcare? Work in the factory for £5/hour.

    That's a good market for luxury goods, bluntly.

  • @Dammit sorry if I’ve missed something but why not just buy a Rolex on the grey market? Is it the fact the price will be marked up?

  • I don't want to perpetuate the overs market for new watches, and I'm fucked if I'm paying people like EB's mate for doing so.

  • Thought so. You’re on a waiting list I presume? Multiple?

  • but no-one else is going to get hit.


    Do you genuinely believe that an economy like ours will not send out ripples?

    It's forgotton now due to the Financial Crisis, but the uncertainty over 9/11 put lots of people out of work. Ultimately it didn't unfold into a full recession at that point.

    My worry is the markets have had a brilliant run, but are waiting for a reason to turn. A UK economic downturn could be the event that starts things off. Most of the major US companies used Trump's tax breaks to buy back shares or trim debt, not to invest.

  • make them happy to get into the wrong side of the car.

    People did it the other way round back in the day. And didn't someone on here sell their e46 M3 to a Dutch lad?

  • Do you genuinely believe that an economy like ours will not send out ripples?

    I think it'll cause problems, but I think Brexit will also bring opportunities - just not for UK based companies. I also think that the EU will have had four years to prepare and likely have plans for how to react, whilst we have pissed the same period of time straight up the wall.

    US/China is probably a bigger threat than Brexit (now), but I think when it comes to it Trump will lose his bottle. The question there is not what Trump is going to do, but whether or not it goes President Pence and VP Ivanka, Trump pardoned, then Ivanka 2020 with one of her idiot brothers as VP. Then the global economy is doomed, unless and until we can ditch the dollar as the universal unit of currency and clearing.

  • Watches, pls

  • egads!

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  • Wtf.... That real?

  • Honesrly, I googled "shittest watch" and that came up.
    I hope it isn't real, but it is diesel and they have a strong track record of shit watches.

    Edit: is real.

  • Jasper's a good guy.

    I met Jasper a few years ago. Popped into the shop to dodge a rain storm and ended up talking dive watches for an hour.

  • Clasp on my 70s Rolex bracelet unclipped itself this morning in the office. Didn't think much of it and fastened it back up. Later on, I noticed the non-logo side of the ladder (sorry not technical) bit comes up freely when the strap is fastened (please see pictures)

    Is this normal? Never noticed it before.

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  • You can't be on multiple, one only for Rolex, unless you mean third party sellers.

  • That's normal as far as I'm aware.

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What time is it? Watches and horology

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